Friday, May 31, 2013

Timmy at 22 months

I can't stand being so far behind on a Timmy update.  After he turns 2 I'll switch to updates every 6 months, and that will be a relief since I'm suddenly finding once a month very hard to keep up with.  

He keeps getting longer and leaner.  His swim trunks from last year fit.  Actually, one of them is a little big around the waist.  His swim diaper still fits and that's good, although I think I'll get him one more just because it will be nice to have one more.  We'll be doing lots of swimming this summer.

He does not say any sentences, but he says individual words constantly.  He echoes the last word anyone around him says in a funny questioning tone that never fails to remind me of Sloth on Goonies.  "Ruth?  Ruth?  Ruth?  Baby Ruth?"  Anyone remember that?  
He has begun putting two words together on occasion.  He says, "Danku" (thank you) when anyone hands him anything.  My little boy is getting manners, I'm so proud.  I've also heard him say "buddop" (bus stop).  He'll also say, "Got it!" or "Did it!" with a big self-congratulatory grin to go with it.  That's about all I can think of.  He's taken the longest of the three of them to start talking, but he's coming along.  

I waited eagerly for him to start saying his sisters' names.  He says "Annie" a lot, but doesn't usually attempt "Delaney."  If I ask him to say "Delaney" he says something that sounds more like "daddy."  The other day in the car, he said, "Annie, teeheehee, Annie, teehee.." again and again.  Yesterday morning when he woke up, he started calling, "Annie!  Annie!"  I find this interesting since Annie is the sister that picks on him all the time, and Delaney's his buddy.  Either he has just picked the name that is easier to say, or he likes Annie a whole lot more than he lets on.

He melted my heart a couple days ago when Delaney was crying because we'd gone to the pool that day while she was at school.  (We're not supposed to be doing anything fun during the hours she's at school.)  He went to her and laid a hand on her back and offered her his Lovey.  He has so much love in his heart, and it makes me so happy to see him learning how to be kind and caring.

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