Monday, May 20, 2013

4 years -- and at least 11 weeks -- of those cheeks.. Happy birthday, Annie!

3D ultrasound at 28 weeks
5/19/09.  9 lbs even and 22 inches long :O.  Her funnel cloud birthmark has faded a lot, but you can still see it when she gets really mad.
I love the slobber droplets ready to fall off her chin.
A family photographer snapped this picture of her in a fit of silliness soon after her 3rd birthday.
Tim snapped this picture of his desk, emailed it to me and told me to tell Annie that when he misses her this is what he looks at.
I took this picture when she wrote her name for the first time a few weeks ago.  I wish she'd written it in marker instead of pencil, but if you look closely you can see it.  
At some point not long ago, Annie started holding her pen the right way and writing letters.  She learned how to swing herself on the swings at her preschool playground, a feat she is very proud of (as well she should be since her older sister hasn't accomplished that yet).  She likes to tell me about how Claire showed her that you have to "just keep moving your legs up and down forever".  Now she can show her sister.  She loves arts and crafts -- drawing, painting, stickers, beads, glitter, and pretty much anything.  Sometimes she asks if she can glue little pieces of paper to big pieces of paper.  She loves tormenting her brother on minute, and then loving on him the next.  She loves being read to, and she'll ask for her favorite books again and again for at least a week or two.  Her new favorites are her newly acquired Fancy Nancy book :) and Lalaloopsy book :(.  She loves sweets.  Her favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs, which she picked for her birthday dinner.

If she is told something she already knows, she takes it as a personal affront and says vehemently, "I already knew that!"  We are forever telling Annie something she already knows or would have figured out herself if we had just given her the chance.  Sheesh!  She is also insulted when I open the car door just before she gets there because she knows how to do that and she can do it herself.  

She makes a lot of jokes about poop and pee.  Sometimes she'll blurt out, "I pooped my pants!" before dissolving into hysterical high-pitched cackles.  At least once a day she is overcome with the urge to run and twirl around in circles until, dizzy, she collapses on the ground.

She still naps every afternoon for two hours.

She is afraid of almost all animals, but most especially dogs.  I don't know when it started or how it started, but she wasn't always this way.  A couple months ago, she wouldn't even pet her friend's hamster.  She runs in the house if the neighbor's pitbulls even look at her.

I can't wait to see what the next year holds for Annie-banannie.  We sure do love this crazy little girl.

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