Monday, November 26, 2012

Timmy at 16 months

Timmy got three molars this month, two on top and one on the bottom.  He never made a fuss over it.  I just happened to look in his mouth one day and notice the first one was suddenly there.  The others soon followed, and I'm guessing the fourth will not be far behind.

As far as language goes, he's still mostly pointing and grunting.  He imitates a lot of our tones and inflections but he still has no other words besides ball, mama, dada and shish (sissy).  I may have heard him say "hi" once.  The other day he made me smile when he mimicked Tim whistling, "Woo -- woo."  He reaches an arm out and twists his hand back and forth when he sees something he wants.  He screeches when he's mad, like when I make him come inside when he'd rather stay out and play.  What I wouldn't give right now for that cute little fenced in yard we had in Quantico.  You could dump a toddler in that yard and just look out the window every few seconds.  Not this yard.  This yard is full of dangers and has no fence.  I will take him out there for awhile, but then have to take him in when it's time to start dinner.  Late afternoon is not a happy time in our house with a restless, cranky, cooped-up toddler, and me trying to cook.  I miss using front burners, and am ever exasperated by the need to prepare food and guard the oven door at all times.  I can't seem to distract him with anything.  I'm starting to think that I might really need to revisit the idea of a crockpot.  (We used to have one, but Tim made it disappear forever.  I look back on it as a 'morning sickness simulator.'  Everything that came out of it had a smell and a taste that was 'off' in a way that you couldn't put your finger on.  Very unappetizing.)  Until I sneak out and buy a new crockpot, I try to schedule leftovers or other easy meals at least two or three times a week.  That way I only have to go through the pain and aggravation of cooking with him underfoot every other day.
I'm learning to clear the table off QUICKLY after meals.
Not being able to follow his sisters outside is one of many things that make Timmy mad.  When he's really upset, he falls dramatically to the floor, grinds his face against it and wails.  Then he gets up and does it again and again.  He has a special shriek that he reserves for the times when he just wants to be free and wants nothing to do with whatever I'm trying to make him do or not do.  Things like putting on his shoes, taking away the remote, shutting the door of the bathroom so he can't go in, telling him no when he's standing on the table and grabbing the chandelier.. all are occasions for tantrums.  His face turns tomato red and big crocodile tears run down his face.  I feel bad, but at the same time I can't help but smile because he's just so stinking cute even when he is mad.

Sometimes he gets upset because I'm not paying enough attention to him.  He attaches himself to my legs and  moves with me all over a room, crying loudly.  Tim accuses me of making him this way because often I'll pick him up and give him a cuddle and kiss when he's acting this way.  I'm pretty sure we had those conversations when each of the girls were this age too, and I don't think I ruined either of them.
When he's not being such a handful (about 90 percent of the time), he's still my cuddly, kissable baby boy.  He still nurses three times a day -- when he wakes up in the morning, right before his nap, and right before bedtime.  I would like to keep nursing him at least through cold and flu season, and longer if it's still going well.  If he makes it to 17 months, and he likely will since he's at three times a day now, he will be my longest breastfed child.  I'm in no hurry to wean because I enjoy these peaceful times of the day with him.  He gets that sleepy look on his face and sticks his thumb in his mouth when he gets tired.  I take him to his room, change him, and sit down with him in the "milking chair", the comfy glider that I nursed his sisters in too.  In those moments he takes a break from being a crazy toddler and is just my baby again.  I hold him close and breathe him before I lay him down in his crib.  He still smells a little like a baby, but he probably won't for very much longer.
It's getting close to that time..
His smile lights up our entire world, and his laugh is like music.  We'll do just about anything to hear it again and again.  In the photo below he was snatching up cookie crumbs and whatever other treats he could get his hands on, as Tim and the girls were making Thanksgiving cookies. 
I will leave you with a video of Timmy's silly baby humor and giggles, guaranteed to make you smile or your money back.

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