Monday, November 12, 2012


I can't seem to put together a cohesive post so these scattered thoughts will have to do.

It's the end of an extra-long Veteran's Day weekend.  Delaney only had a half-day on Thursday, and then had off four days in a row.  We didn't do anything special, but we did a little bit of shopping and worked on the to-do list around the house and one of my Pinterest projects.  I think the highlights of the weekend were the Exchange and the dollar store.  The girls turned on all the singing and dancing Hallmark animals under the Christmas tree at the Exchange and had a little party.  And they ran around saying, "Mama, look at this!  Daddy, look at that!"  Everything's so glittery and bright.  Today at the dollar store, Delaney walked around exclaiming over and over, "Everything's $1!"  It takes very little to make their day.  I still get excited about the dollar store too.

I love this time of year, but at the same time I wish time would slow down a little.  It is so bittersweet to me, getting to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with Tim, but about to send him off on another deployment right after.  It doesn't even feel real that it's happening again so soon.

We got some more news and had to change our plans again.  Tim is leaving for Afghanistan a little sooner than he had originally expected, so we will not be traveling for Christmas after all.  There will be too much for him to get done before he leaves and he'll also be needing time to just relax.  So we're just going to have a laid-back Christmas here in NC.  It was hard to tell the girls we weren't going to Massachusetts.  Delaney cried.  But she seems OK with it now.  She is learning to be a flexible, versatile kid, which is essential for survival as a military kid.  We'll do everything we can to make it as happy of a Christmas for them as we can.  Here's hoping we can make it there next Christmas!
School is going really well for Delaney.  We can tell she's learning a lot and enjoying herself.  A couple weeks ago I went to eat lunch with her and go to the book fair together.  I can have lunch with her whenever I want to, but that was the first time I ever took the opportunity.  They'd sent home a special letter about it and I felt like it was something I ought to do.  We had such a nice time.  Delaney's face lit up when I showed up at her classroom door.  Before we went to the lunchroom I took this picture, but first an explanation:  A few weeks before our lunch date Delaney said to me when we were talking about tattling, "People tattle all the time in kindergarten."  I said, "I bet they do."  Then she said, "It's a good thing we have Obama for when we tattle."  Keeping my tone even I asked, "What does Obama do when you tattle?"  In all honesty, this raised my hackles.  I was thinking, What on earth are they teaching these kids?  She said, "He doesn't do anything, he's just a picture!  When someone tells my teacher on someone else she says, 'Talk to Obama.'  Or she just says, 'Obama.'"  I laughed.  Her teacher has a good sense of humor.
It's crazy to think that when Delaney is in 4th grade, Mrs. H's tattling kindergartners will still be talking to Obama.
I will be going to her school again in a couple weeks to read a story to the class.  She asks me every other day, "How many days until you come read to my class?"  She's looking forward to it because while I'm reading the story, she'll get to sit in a place of honor and keep an eye on her classmates.  Then afterward she'll pass out Skittles to all the ones who were sitting still and listening.  This is a very popular thing with the parents.  Mrs. H's storytelling calendar is booked up through the next couple months.  

It was so strange to me, sitting in the hall of Delaney's school waiting for it to be lunch time.  I was there a little bit early so I could put some money on her lunch account.  It smelled exactly the same as I remember school smelling when I was little.  It all looked the same -- colorfully decorated concrete walls, kids walking silently in lines, buffed linoleum floors.  It was like being in a time machine, except for the teachers with their thick southern drawls.  
I've gotten into a great workout routine.  In an effort to make our Y membership worthwhile during the colder months, I told myself I needed to go to a group fitness class at least three times a week.  So I go to PiYo twice (it's an upbeat blend of pilates and yoga, I guess) and TurboKick once a week.  I still run a couple times a week too.  The classes are really challenging and motivating, and I'm feeling good about myself at a time of the year when I am usually getting lazy and soft.  I feel my body getting stronger all the time and my energy level is increasing.  I haven't been in this good of shape since I was doing Jillian Michaels workouts during naptime in Quantico.  This is way more fun than that.  Annie and Timmy are good about going to the babysitting room, and that's good because they don't have a choice.  It gives structure to our days.  It is also a very effective way to relieve stress induced by my house being wrecked by a mischievous little boy and his aiding and abetting sister.
Our Marine Corps Birthday Ball is this Friday, and it's about an hour away in Greenville.  This will be the first time we have a babysitter put Timmy to bed.  I'm a little nervous about that but I think he'll be fine and I know the girls will.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle staying up past 10.  I hope we get a good picture of us all glammed up.

I have nothing else to share except Delaney who's sitting next to me on my bed just informed me that she wants us to take her to the African Savannah (so she can see all the animals on Wild Kratts).  I bet I know what she'd like just as much -- another trip to the dollar store!

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