Sunday, October 21, 2012

A visit, a birthday, a race, a date

I'm going to attempt to cram the contents of an exceptionally busy and fun-filled week into one post.  Last Saturday, Tim's parents came for a visit for a week.  It was so nice having them here.  We miss them a lot.
Goofing around on the back porch soon after they arrived.  Annie was trying to tickle Grandpa's nose with a feather.
After spending a few hours with us, you would need a nap too.
We celebrated Tim's birthday on Wednesday.  
Out for a stroll downtown
On Friday, the girls ran their very first race.  It was very cute.  The girls ran their little hearts out.  They were divided into age groups.  Annie's age group, 3-4, only had to run once around the little course, which I think was about a quarter-mile.  Immediately after the race started, many of the little ones tripped over each other's feet and fell.  Annie tripped on her own feet and fell.  A nearby grownup helped her up, and on she went.  A lot of crying kids were left at the starting line.  We were surprised to find out that Delaney's age group, 5-6, had to run twice around, which was further than Delaney has ever run at one time in her life.  It took a lot of effort for her.  Tim ran with her for a short time at the end to give her encouragement.  We were proud to see her finish. 
Early the next morning, Tim Sr. and Carolyn had to leave for the airport, but we had no time to be sad about it because we had to go back downtown so Tim and I could run our 10K.  We dropped the kids off for babysitting at the convention center.  The weather was perfect, and it was the most scenic race I've ever run.  The two of us were a good team, and our official times were 49:52 and 49:53.  
A good portion of the race was going across this bridge, and turning around and coming back.  
The plan had been to have a date night while Tim Sr and Carolyn were still here, in order to take advantage of free babysitting.  But the sunset dinner cruise I wanted us to go on was only going Friday through Sunday -- even though the website advertised Thursday evening too (huff).  We couldn't do Friday because the girls' race was in the evening.  So I booked Saturday night, thinking it would be the perfect reward for running our 10K.
After snapping this picture, I said, "Hell froze over.  We're going on a date.  I should make this my status update on Facebook."  I didn't.
It was nice enough, but not really what I was expecting.  We dressed kind of nice for it (just kind of nice, because we knew it was casual, so nice casual).  A lot of other people showed up in jeans and t-shirts, and we found out that this is more or less a Golden Corral on the river (I know I'm a snob.).  There was no music, no alcohol, no coffee and dessert.  It was just a buffet dinner and a narrated tour.  I really did enjoy it for the first hour while the sun was still out and we could see -- the actual sunset portion.  Some items of interest on the tour were The Notebook house, Nicholas Sparks' old house (makes me really want to see his new house!), an osprey nest, and some boats that had run aground during last year's hurricane, and a few other things.  I ate a big dinner and drank sweet tea, and we looked at all the mansions that we'd only been able to see afar from the road.  I was fascinated at this wealthy world on the banks of this river.  It was so glamourous -- pools, parties, yachts.
Nicholas Sparks' old house.  Maybe he got tired of people gawking at him from a boat?
Then the sun went down, it got cold, and the narrated part of the tour was over.  We put on our jackets and huddled together watching the twinkling lights in the distance and talking about this and that.  Then my phone rang.  Tim answered it.  I waited impatiently while he listened to someone talk, his face grave.  Then he said, "Well, we'll be back as soon as we can.. I don't know when that will be.  We're on a boat.."  As I had feared, it was the Play Date people.  We had opted to leave the kids at the drop-in daycare rather than try to find a babysitter.  Tim told me that they said Timmy was super fussy, and other than that he couldn't really hear anything she had said.  Then we looked at the time and realized we still had an hour to go on this tour.  

There was absolutely nothing we could do about this situation.  We paid for a two-hour tour and that was what we were getting.  So we did what we always do in stressful circumstances -- crack silly jokes and laugh, and then speculate about a red-faced inconsolably-crying Timmy making all the other kids cry, and the girls who work there waiting for us to come pick him up.  

It seemed like everyone on the boat was ready to get off.  Jackets were on, purses worn on the arm, but this boat moved veeerrry slowly.  Tim said to me, "OK, we don't need to be going this slow.  I know this boat has another gear."  "Yeah," I agreed.  "You're not playing any music, you're not serving any wine, we're not up here slow-dancing, so why not just vrooooom us on back to the dock."  I giggled and said, "By the time this boat gets back we're going to be a couple of skeletons sitting here, hee hee."  Tim said, "What'd you put in that tea?"  And that was how we amused ourselves as we floated around in the cold darkness.
We plan to photoshop these two together.
Then I called Play Date for an update on Timmy.  At that point, we had about 40 minutes left to go of this cruise.  I was so relieved to hear that he had calmed down.  I told them we'd see them in about an hour.  Next time we go out, we'll get a babysitter to come to our house.  Timmy needs to be in bed on time. 

And that was it, an event-filled, overall great week.

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