Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Timmy at 14 months

This little boy is more of a handful than ever.  The scary thing is, I'll probably be saying this same thing every month for a long time.

He climbs every piece of furniture in our house as high as he can go.  He stands up on the La-Z-Boy recliner, then climbs the seat back and rocks it.  I tell him, "Buddy, you are not going to be smiling when you fall down from there.  It's going to hurt."  He just grins at me, looking so proud of himself.  I have to cook using only the back burners now because he can climb up to the stove.  He steps on the handle of the drawer underneath the oven, then pulls up on the oven door handle.  Then, whap! -- he slaps the stove top.

He is also figuring out how to use the little red stools his sisters love so much.  The other day he boosted himself up to the kitchen counter, and I grabbed the camera to take a picture.  But before I could snap a photo, the stool began to slide away out from under his tippy toes.  Uh-oh!  As I was rushing toward him, the stool slid away and he began to slide to the floor.  He caught himself on his arms and hoisted himself higher on the edge of the counter where he hung on by his little chicken wings until I came to rescue him.  I probably should have just let him fall because then he might have learned a lesson.
Look at me, climbing up on the stool and brushing my teeth  just like my big sissies!
He's still practicing standing and walking, but he's made no more progress there.  Maybe if he starts walking a lot this month, will he climb a little less?

He gives kisses and high fives on request.  I love it when he stops whatever he's doing at the word "kiss" and makes his silly version of puckering up -- smiling and smacking his lips together.  He is also likely to slap you on the face or grab your nose and yank your whole head from side to side to show his affection.  Sometimes we just grab each other's noses and laugh and laugh.  But if I'm holding him and he slaps me or tries to, I just set him down.  I let him know I don't like that.

I love his baby humor.  He thinks sneezes, both real and fake, are hilarious.  Ditto for coughing, burping, farting and hiccups.  Every involuntary noise a body could make tickles his funny bone.  Tim told me after the two of them went to Mass alone one Saturday night, he got the hiccups right before Communion.  He would hiccup, laugh, hiccup, and laugh some more.
He continues to alternate between being the bold, brave explorer and the helpless little baby who wails when Mama puts him down.  But he's sooo heavy.  When I don't feel like holding him anymore and he makes a big fuss when I set him down, I'll just get down on the floor with him.  He'll stand on my knees and put his arms around my neck and hold me tightly.  I hold him right back and give him lots of kisses.  I tell him, "You're nothing but trouble, mister, but I love you so!"
I think we're starting to phase out his morning nap.  When he takes one, it is usually for an hour or less and it's just an excuse for me sit and relax.  The time would be better spent running with him in the stroller.  If we have plans in the morning, we skip the nap and he's fine.  On the other hand, if he takes too long of a morning nap, his afternoon one suffers.  Then I suffer.  I've continued to hang onto that nap for no good reason, but I will soon be letting it go.  I always have enjoyed the freedom I gain once the kids make the progression from two naps to one.  We get out more and that's good for us all.

We dropped the 10 p.m. nursing, and he now sleeps from 7 to 7.
He cut his eighth tooth this month.  He will join his sisters for the first time at the dentist tomorrow.  I'm thinking he will be a most uncooperative young man during his exam.  It's just a hunch that he will not submit to having a stranger open his mouth and touch his little toofers, not even for the goody bag he will get when he's done.  Hopefully it won't be too much of a disaster.  I think at his age a dental visit is little more than a formality anyway.

Here are a couple videos of Timmy that sum up the craziness I'm dealing with.  Now that he knows how much fun the little red stool is, he hates to see one of his sisters using it.  In the first video, Annie was helping me at the counter and Timmy was mad.  Things like this are another reason why I've been keeping the morning nap around a little longer.  He still kind of needs it sometimes.  OK, I'll be honest -- I need it sometimes!
..And more fun with the little red stool.  I would love to just put it up but that would punish Delaney and Annie who use it all the time.
It is such a relief to me when he's asleep.  Right now I am listening to the sweet sound of silence and no shenanigans.


  1. You just described my daughter!! LOL. Well besides the 8 teeth LOL. Leigha is into everything, I can't keep her off the kitchen table. She hasn't tried to get on the counters yet, but she has pushed a chair up to them several times but I don't think that she realizes yet that if she tried hard enough she could get up there. I will have to pay close attention from now on about the stove though. I never would have thought about her using the drawer as a step stool to get up there. Yikes!! Those are really cute videos though. Timmy has an adorable smile and laugh.

    1. I forgot how crazy this age is. Now the girls will be trying to color at the table and he'll be climbing up on the table and getting into the crayons. There isn't a dull moment anymore except when he's asleep.