Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Annie's first days of preschool

I know I had my reservations about sending Annie to preschool a couple weeks ago, but she has settled in very well.  I didn't know what to expect -- with Annie I never know! -- but she seems to like it a lot and I haven't received any dreadful phone calls.  She goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 12.  There have never been any tears at drop-off time, and she always has a little story to tell me when I come to pick her up.

Here are some pictures from her first day.
Her "fruit dress" with two braids is her uniform because she will wear nothing else to school.
It was nice to have Daddy with us for the first day.
Each kid finds the apple with his/her name on it and places it on the 'welcome' board every day.
After putting her apple on the board, Mrs. Judy helped her wash her hands.  Everybody washes their hands first thing.
This morning before school Annie told me that when she's at school she just stands there and doesn't do anything.  I said, "How about you play and have fun today, Annie?"  She said, "I'll try my best, Mama."

Right before I left this morning, Mrs. Judy wanted to tell me that the other day they had been on the playground when an airplane was flying overhead.  Mrs. Judy asked Annie where she thought the plane was going.  She told me that Annie told her, "Massachusetts."  I guess she hadn't expected such a specific answer!

Today they painted with pudding, and thank goodness, they didn't make me take it home.  Lucky for me, Annie didn't notice or care, because Delaney would have insisted I take the sloppy mess with us.  I said to Annie when we got home, "Did you eat any of the pudding?"  "No."  "You mean to tell me you didn't lick your fingers even once?"  "No."  "Annie, I know you ate some pudding because I see the chocolate in the corner of your mouth!"

Thursday is her day to bring a snack for the class and be the "leader."  She is happy about that and wants to bring cheese and crackers.

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