Saturday, August 25, 2012

Timmy at 13 months

Timmy has so many things he wants to do and say, and sometimes he gets frustrated.  He wants me to hold him, but he wants to get down, but he wants me to hold him, and now -- oh, no! -- he crumples to the ground and cries.  He sees me reading a book to his sisters, but he wants that book.  He doesn't want to hear Mama read it, he wants to grab it, look at the pictures, and maybe rip up the pictures.  He points to things and says things like, "Muh."  "Guh."  Sometimes he says "Dis."  I don't know if he means "this," but he does say it while pointing to something or looking at it, so I think that's what he means.  He'll make his little monosyllabic exclamations, and then look at me expectantly like, 'Well?  Aren't you listening?'  I say, "I have no idea what you're trying to say, but it sounds really cute."  

I have been using signs with him, but I don't think I'm consistent enough with it for him to really learn.  That's always been my problem with baby signs, with all the kids.  I just could never remember to use them every day all day.  I had the best results with Delaney, because I was better at remembering, and because I had kind of a signing buddy -- another mom who was trying to use signs with her baby.  I need to post notes around the house -- "sign with Timmy!"  

He takes steps for us here and there, but he's not very motivated to walk at this point.  We sit down on the floor and let him walk back and forth between us.  He'll stand alone for a few seconds, and then take a couple steps.  We get really excited any time he takes three steps or more.  We clap and say, "Good job, Buddy!"  But he doesn't always want to play along, and if he does, it's not for long.  He's still mostly content just to crawl around at warp speed.
My friend Amber took this picture.  I didn't really want to give Timmy the whole apple, but he loved it and worked on it for a long time.
He eats more than his two sisters combined.  At least that's the way it seems, the way he gobbles up whatever I put on his tray as fast as I put it down.  Well, not everything.  The other day, he wanted none of my three-cheese chicken penne pasta bake.  He looked at me like, 'Is this really food?'  Come to think of it, the rest of us didn't like that meal much either.  But almost everything else I can think of -- fruits, veggies, pasta, pizza, meat -- he devours.

He nurses four times a day now -- morning, before his morning nap, before his afternoon nap, and bedtime.  Then I feed him right before I go to bed, between 10 and 11.  That's the last I see of him until around 7 or 8.  He likes his sleep a lot.  (I do too!)  Sometimes I have to put him to bed at 6:30.  He's too tired to hang in there through bath and story time with his sisters.
Thumb in mouth and blank stare means "I'm ready to sleep now."
Shortly after his first birthday, I took him to his one-year checkup, and he weighed 24 pounds, 7 ounces (78th percentile) and was 29.5 inches tall (30th percentile).  I've read that babies should triple their birth weight by a year, but he's the first of my kids to do that.

He loves it when I lay down on his bedroom floor and just watch him play.  As long as I don't move, he's content.  He puts blocks into a bin, then takes them out.  Then he puts them back in and takes them out.  Or he presses the button on his Little People tractor.  Moo.. vroom, vroom.. then the song.  He beams at me and bounces up and down a little, waiting for me to sing along.  He just wants me to be there, I don't have to do anything.  If I get up and walk out, he gets an insulted look on his face and starts to cry.

Another thing he wants us to do is not to get him out of the crib right away after a nap.  We don't go in there until he starts to yell.  But even when he yells, it's just because he wants company.  Then he wants to play peek-a-boo games through the bars, and collapse backward on his mattress when we reach for him.  Then he watches us and waits for us to laugh.  He's a little ham.
This is my favorite of the first birthday pictures my friend Ashley took.

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