Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st week of school

Delaney showed no signs of nervousness about her first day of kindergarten.  But I know she must have had some butterflies because she came into our room three times between 5 and 5:30 in the morning.  She never does that kind of thing!  But sure enough we heard the pitter-patter of little bare feet and her going to her dad's side of the bed and asking, "Daddy, can we go sit on the couch and watch SportsCenter?"  Little booger.

Tim didn't like the first day of school sign I'd found on Pinterest, so he made his own right then and there.  He put a lot of effort into it too.  I gave him a hard time about it.  Then Delaney wanted to make her own.  So we took her picture with all of the signs before leaving for school.
It was great to have Tim on leave for the first couple days of our transition from summer into the school year.  We bumbled through first couple days.  On day two, we  had to run to catch the bus at the end of our street.  (This after I had spoken with the bus driver face-to-face, and we'd left 15 minutes earlier than she'd said we needed to be.)  

Since school was letting out at 12 the first week, we got there at 11:40 on Tuesday, hoping to get her from the classroom and let Tim meet the teacher.  Instead we were scolded by the school secretary for coming in the front door, and told that she was in carpool on the other side of the school.  Dum-dee-dum.  So we got back in the car.  The carpool line was already a half-mile long by the time we made our way around.  I said, "This is crazy!  And this is just kindergarten letting out right now.  What's it like when all the grades get out at 2:30?"

Then we pulled up to the curb, and a harried-looking staff member opened the car door, and then said, "Woops" when she saw Timmy's carseat.  Delaney just scrambled underneath.  I asked the staff member, "Do you buckle her in or do we?"  She told us to drive ahead and into the grass to buckle her up ourselves.  Ha!  She was probably thinking, 'Crazy woman!  I bring you your kid and open a door.  Is that not enough?  Dumb carpool newbies.'  
We got home, ate lunch, and then at naptime I went into a two-hour coma from the exhaustion of having gotten up at 6 for two days in a row.  This is a drastic change for me, and it's going to take some getting used to.  For the last several days, with Tim being home, I'd been sleeping in until 8.  Things are different now.  I'm up before dawn, by myself, brewing coffee and then waking up everybody else.  It's about to be a holiday weekend, and sleeping in until 7 is going to feel like a luxury.  

We ate leftover pizza for dinner (yay for not having to cook!).  At 5, Delaney had her swim lesson at the Y.  She is in the advanced class for ages 3 to 5 now.  It's a good thing I signed her up for these classes.  She loves to swim and it's been raining for the last two weeks, so we probably wouldn't be going swimming together again until late spring.

This morning we left for the bus stop several minutes earlier than yesterday.  Delaney began to run down the street, and I said, "It's OK!  We're early!  Look, we're the first ones."  
Is she not the smallest child to ever board a bus?
Delaney will finish out the week with half days, and then start full days on Tuesday.  Annie may or may not be starting preschool next week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I will post about that another time.  We are having some new difficulties with her.  I'll leave it at that for now.  

I'm a little sad that summer seems to have ended too abruptly, but I'm glad that we are starting our new fall routine.  I think summer was beginning to expire anyway, with whiny, fighting kids and not enough to do because it was raining all the time.


  1. Why do those drivers think it's ok to come so dang early? I'm glad ours comes right to our house though so even if we are running a little behind he only has to run down the driveway. I love Delaney trying to get her Daddy up to watch SportsCenter, such a cutie.

    1. So jealous. I was hoping they'd pick her up at the end of our driveway too. Oh well!