Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy birthday, Timmy

Tomorrow marks a year since our sweet Timmy came into the world.  The events of his birth day unfolded in an even more amazing way than I'd hoped and dreamed, culminating in the moment I lifted him out of the warm water and held him against my heart.  Our beautiful boy.  His peaceful birth was a blessing, and a balm to my soul in the midst of our difficult circumstances.  

Now he is one year old, and those tough times are behind us.  We might not be throwing a party, but I know I'll be smiling so hard my face hurts as he mushes that birthday cupcake into his face.  Our Timmy, "Wittle Mista", "Buddy" (the girls call him this all the time!) gets his own special day.

I look at him with his impish smile and sun-kissed hair, and it's hard to imagine when he wasn't part of our family.  We love him fiercely.
He was so pleased with himself for finding a new hiding place under the bathroom sink.
He gives us all kinds of trouble now, getting into everything he shouldn't be, whining to be picked up, then squirming to get down.  He hates to be contained.  He is obsessed with doors -- opening them, closing them, being on one side, and then the other.  He's always up to no good, and we ask each other all day long, "What's Timmy doing?"  Thank goodness he still takes two naps.  I lay him down, give him his Lovey, he pops his thumb in his mouth, and he's all set.

Not long ago, Tim was accusing me of having turned him into a mama's boy.  Suddenly that has changed.  When Tim gets home from work, anywhere between 5 and 6, Timmy practically dives out of my arms to get to him.  I try to take him back so Tim can eat, or get changed, or whatever.  But he clings fast to his daddy, sucking his thumb and making a little noise of protest.  He's been putting up with women all day, and he's done!  Just tonight, I said, "Why the cold shoulder, Timmy?  I thought we were best buddies."  Tim acts like, "Alright, Timmy, come here," but I know he's loving it.

What else is there?  A few of the things I might want to refer back to in the future:  he's 22 pounds, he still nurses a lot, and eats a little of what we eat at every meal.  Sometimes he eats more than his sisters do.  He is a good sleeper.  He crawls FAST, and cruises on the furniture.  No first steps yet.  His eyes are blue -- I think -- but they might be turning green.

Below is a video of Timmy just being his adorable self, and doing the "itsy bitsy spider."
He's about to start changing a whole lot on us, and I don't know if I'm ready for it.  I love him so much right now, just the way he is.  I am going to just keep soaking him in.  I look forward to morning, when I can say, "Happy birthday, Buddy!"

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  1. He is adorable. And how I can relate to the "put-me-down-no-pick-me-up!" dilemma of a one-year-old boy :)