Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Girls' room update

I've realized lately that I haven't posted an update about the girls' room since Annie moved in with Delaney.  This is my favorite room in the house, so I decided I'd better record it for posterity (if such a thing is possible with Blogger).

We haven't made any major changes to it since it became solely Delaney's room soon after we moved in almost two years ago.  We moved Annie in there right before Tim deployed last March.  At first she was in a crib, but we don't have any pictures of that.  She was in the crib until Karen converted it to a toddler bed when she visited last June.  Then, soon after Tim came back this past February, he set up the other twin bed for her, and here's how it all looks now.  These pictures stink, but they're the best I could do.
Normally, two pink robes are hanging up, but one seems to be missing.
"Mr. Clock" -- My Tot Clock -- deserves a post of its own.  I love that thing.
This pretty little girls' room is the scene of a lot of shenanigans.  We also read stories in here every naptime and bedtime.  Just looking around this room makes me smile.

And there you have it, Delaney and Annie's room, at least for the next year or so! 

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