Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day weekend and Karen's visit

It has been a long morning.  I knew it would be.  Tim went back to work after five days of leave, and Tim's sister Karen flew back to Massachusetts after a four-day visit.  We have had torrential downpours for hours, courtesy of Tropical Depression Beryl.  The rain has let up for now, but I hear it's far from over yet.  The girls have griped and fought.  Our kitchen table has seen a long succession of activities, none of which have lasted longer than 20 minutes -- painting, stamping, letter workbooks, and lunch.  We've easily read 15 books.  We've watched some of Barbie as Thumbelina.  At last, it is naptime, and I can share some pictures from the last few days.

Here is the present that the kids and I made Auntie Karen for her birthday.  We did it at The Accidental Artist.  That was fun!  That was my first experience at one of those pottery painting places, but I'll be making my way back at some point, with or without the kids.  I think it would be a nice thing to do with just Delaney, even, because she's old enough to enjoy it for longer than 10 minutes and pay attention to detail.  While that's her handprint on the left, she colored in the flower stems under Annie's and Timmy's handprints.  Annie just dipped the brush in the green paint and went crazy with it underneath Delaney's handprint.
We went to a cookout on Saturday with some old friends.
Our Memorial Day beach trip was perfectly timed.  We got there at nine and stayed until a little after 11, when the crowds and clouds arrived.  I'm happy it was a success, but I can't wait until trips to the beach become less work.  I spend an hour the night before, deciding what to bring and packing gear and snacks.  I stress out, thinking if I forget one thing, the day is ruined.  There's Did we remember the towels?  Changes of clothes?  Sunblock?  Camera?  Chairs?  Umbrella?  Toys?  Diapers and wipes?  There's a 40-minute drive there and back.  When we're done we have to rinse the sand off the kids (and there's sand in every nook and cranny), drag everything back to the car, clean out the car at home, give everybody a shower, feed everybody (everyone's starving after a morning at the beach), and do two loads of laundry.  All this effort for two hours of fun.  I dream about the day we go to the beach, we all do what we want, and the kids fend for themselves (and by "fend for themselves", I mean clean the sand out of their own nooks and crannies and help carry stuff).  If Timmy's the last baby, that day could come in about five years.  If he's not, we might never see that day until we're almost too old to enjoy it.

This was the first time we brought the pack 'n play, and I say it was a good call, in spite of how much it added to our load.  We needed a place to set Timmy down so he wouldn't eat sand and rub it in his eyes.  He was happy in there most of the time, and I could just sit in the chair next to him.  Last time Tim carried him on his back in the Ergo, which was fine because it wasn't too hot yet.  On the other hand, we could have gotten away with bringing one chair instead of three, because only one grownup at a time could sit down.  In fact, I'm pretty sure Tim and Karen never sat.

On Karen's last day here -- yesterday -- we took a walk downtown by the water.  
The weather has been really strange lately.  These pictures were taken during the course of a 25-minute-long walk around downtown.  At one point I was applying sunblock to the kids, and five minutes later, we were running back to the car because it was raining.
And now it is 3:30, naptime is over, the Play-Doh has exploded all over the table, the rain has started up again, and there's no telling how late of a day it will be for Tim at work.  At least it will be a short week.

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