Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Annie turns 3

We celebrated Annie's birthday this past Sunday, even though her real birthday is May 19.  We have a really busy May this year, so we had to fit it in where we could.  We tried to make it a special day for her, even though it was small and simple. 

It was just her daddy and I, and her siblings.  We opted to do cake and presents right after breakfast because we can.    
Annie got to open one little present with breakfast.
I learned soon about why it may be best not to have birthday celebrations before I've had my second cup of coffee.  After Tim had lit the candles on the cake, I wanted to adjust her little tiara.  I leaned over, and it wasn't long before I realized the ends of my hair had caught on fire.  I jumped back and started to shriek, and then realized that all the kids were staring at me and the fire was out.  "You're OK," Tim said.  Thinking my hair must be really damaged, I told Tim he might need to give me a haircut later.  But the burnt ends were gone, and after brushing the ashes out, it looked fine.  The awful smell of burnt hair lingered for a long time.  My hair was still smoking while we sang 'happy birthday', and I had to stifle coughs.  Afterward, I told the kids, "What you saw me do -- don't do that!  It's dangerous!"

We started asking Annie what she wanted for her birthday about a month ago.  Annie's typical answer: "A dump truck!"  Tim took her and her sister to Target recently, and they strolled through the toy aisles.  Guess which toys Annie noticed?  Tinkerbell and princesses.  Guess what she didn't notice, even though Tim made a point of passing by it twice?  A big yellow Tonka dump truck.  A few days later, I also noted that Annie showed not a flicker of interest at a giant toy dump truck at a friend's house.  So we got her this token dump truck, which she was happy to see, but I haven't seen her play with it since.  Silly girl.

Out on the driveway, Annie took her new bike, and Rosy Cheeks Baby (thanks, Grandy!) for a whirl.  No more trying to keep up with Delaney on the old tricycle.  She's doing pretty well on it so far, but not quite ready for the road yet.

And now, what's new about Annie as a big three-year-old?  

She seems to have finally given Lovey up for good.  Lovey has been stashed in a top dresser drawer for at least a couple weeks now.  As she leaves behind that last vestige of babyhood, she's coming out of her shell more, and becoming more social and interested in the world outside of our little bubble.  A few days ago, Delaney's school hosted a Mother's Day event, "Muffins with Mom."  We sang a song, had muffins and did a craft in the fellowship hall.  Then the director said it was time to go upstairs to the classrooms.  Annie thought she meant it was time for us all to go into the classrooms, but really, it was time to leave Delaney there and go home.  Annie was crestfallen, and for a minute, refused to leave, even after I did my old tried-and-true tactic of saying goodbye and walking away.  She was like, "OK, bye!"  She was happy with plan B, which was, go to the park and see the ducks and seagulls.  I hope she still likes preschool this much in September when it's time for her to go.

Annie is very physical, but not in a snuggly, cuddly way.  More like she'll give you a hug so hard hurts.  Or she'll ram her big head into your ribs like a dog, to make sure you're paying attention to her.  She did that the other day while I was playing with Timmy, and I felt like she must be needing some affection.  I put my arm around her to give her a little squeeze, but she giggled and squirmed away.

She cracked us up a couple weeks ago when we were all out for a walk one evening.  Delaney was on her bike, Annie was on the old trike, and we were following the main road in our neighborhood all the way down to the water and back.  We could see Annie's little legs going quadruple the speed of Delaney's, and I thought, 'That looks really tiring!'  Sure enough, we were only about halfway to the water when she stopped and said to Tim, "Let's make a deal.  I'll walk and you carry my tricycle.  Does that sound like a deal?"  Tim laughed and said, "What kind of deal is that?"  But he carried her tricycle most of the way back (she asked for one or two more turns on it).  It is so darn cute when little kids use our methods on us in their cute little voices.

She loves "beau-tee-ful" or pretty dresses.  If I choose shorts and a shirt for her, she often protests, saying, "That's not pretty!"
She loves to color, draw, paint and play with stamps.  She loves books, especially anything that's 'look and find' or with flaps.   

She still moves her mouth like she's nursing sometimes, usually when she's feeling either tired or just when she wants to feel a little more secure.  It's a funny little habit.  You might have noticed it in the 'happy birthday song' video.  She'll probably keep doing it until some other kid brings it to her attention and embarrasses her.  But I find it very endearing.

We sure do love this little girl.


  1. Somehow I missed just how close in age Annie & my daughter were! Happy b-day to Annie and I enjoyed reading this post since I am having similar experiences with Bella (especially the deal making - ha!).

    PS - That cake looks so good. I love cake way too much :)

    1. Happy birthday to Bella too! We have some little boogers, don't we?