Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lovey is retiring

It's looking like it might be the end of the road for Annie and her tattered, faded little companion, Lovey, after 2 1/2 years.  While we were in Cincinnati last week, she went to bed without it two or three nights in a row.  After she'd gone to bed, I'd see it lying forgotten on the living room floor.  I used to bring it to her in bed not long ago, whether she asked for it or not.  I think I might have been just as unwilling to let Lovey go as she was, maybe more.  I knew that once she stopped carrying it around, that it was really, finally the end of her babyhood.

The timing of this is so unexpected, considering that she and Lovey seemed more inseparable than ever these last couple months.  Tim commented on it when he came home, how attached she was to it.  I noticed too, and wondered why she was suddenly hanging onto it all the time, and wanting to take it everywhere.  

For some reason, when I noticed she'd forgotten to bring it to bed with her the first time in Cincinnati, I decided not to bring it to her unless she asked for it.  Maybe it was the change in her routine, but she didn't ask for it the next nap time or the next bedtime either.  I started to notice that Lovey was being forgotten.  I hid it away in a suitcase to see if she'd notice.  She didn't, and still doesn't, several days later.  So today I told Tim that I was going to put Lovey away in Annie's memory box, at last.  She's a big girl now.  

It's a little bit ridiculous that I'm feeling sad about this.  It was not my plaything.  But it's been hers for so long it almost seems like a part of her.  I love its sweet, smushed face, worn by all the mouthing and handling of a baby, then toddler, then preschooler.  I should be happy that she's decided herself she's ready to move on.  If she asks for it tomorrow, I'll give it to her.  But I don't think she will.   (Sigh)  My Annie-Nanny is growing up.  Tomorrow we will try potty training. 
10 months
17 months
22 months
Annie clung to Lovey the day her daddy came back after 10 months away.  It seemed especially important to her .


  1. Aw, Rachael this post makes me teary. Sometimes I wish they would never grow up.