Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Timmy at 5 months

Timmy is growing more playful all the time, and we are enjoying him so much.

He is content to lie on the floor and play with toys, if only his brute of a sister Annie would let him.  I have no idea how to keep her off him so he can have some space to exercise.  He can roll belly-to-back and back-to-belly.  He raises himself high up on his hands and can scootch in circles, but not forward or backward.  He loves to play with his feet and hands as much as any toy.  He drools incessantly and gnaws on anything he can grab and put in his mouth.
He holds his hands out to be held now.  I thought it was only for me, but his grandpa mentioned he did it for him too.  He is excited and happy to see anyone who loves him, not just me.  He smiles and laughs at his sisters.  He's already learned that Karen is the favorite auntie (on Tim's side).  His little face lights up when he sees her too, and he laughs at her sometimes when she talks to him.
He loves it when we play with him.  I have all kinds of fun at his expense and he doesn't mind.  After a diaper change, I might smell his foot, gasp and say, "Stinky!" while pushing it to the side.  I do that a few times in a row and he smiles, coos, babbles and makes high-pitched happy noises.  I pick him up and play 'drool monster' with his sisters, holding him over them so he can drop slobbery bombs on them.  They love the suspense of waiting for that long string of slobber to finally break, and seeing where it ends up falling.

He wears size 3 diapers now, and depending on the particular brand/item of clothing, he wears size 9 months and 12 months.
I wanted to talk about his routine, and I'm finding it to be impossible.  There is no typical day or night for him, and hasn't been for several weeks.  I thought after reading Goodnight, Sleep Tight 10 times, and having Annie's babyhood be such a breeze, I was some kind of baby-rearing expert.  It turns out not at all, and I don't know what to do about Timmy.  His nighttime sleep has gone down the toilet.  He goes down with no problem as long as I use his Miracle Blanket, but he is up around three or four times a night.  The last two times are usually around 5 and 6:30.  He might go back to sleep after that, but the girls are raring to go at 7, and I'm feeling like a zombie.  In a desperate bid for more time in bed, I showed Delaney last night how to prepare breakfast for herself and her sister.  (She felt proud to be charged with doing a big kid job and did pretty well for day 1, even telling her sister to be quiet.  I didn't intervene until about 7:20 when I heard her talking about how she was going to make chocolate milk.)

During the day, naps are whenever I can get him to take one, and they've been lasting a measly half hour to 45 minutes lately. 
Sleep training in any form is out of the question for the time being.  I jump up and get him at the first whimper so he doesn't wake up the whole house.  Then we'll be traveling back to NC in a couple weeks, Tim will be coming back a couple weeks later (YAY!), and a couple weeks after that we'll be going to Ohio for a few days.  It will be awhile before things really settle down for us, and there's a good time to start using the sleep-shaping techniques that have worked so well for me in the past.  Until then, I'll survive.  People say it all the time, but it really does go by quickly.

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