Friday, December 2, 2011

Tomorrow marks two weeks since we arrived in Massachusetts.  I can't believe it's already been that long.  A typical visit with anyone is only one to two weeks total, so it would already be over by now.  Being here makes the last two months of this deployment so much more bearable.  Time always seems to slow down dramatically the closer you get to something you've been waiting for, like the return of a husband and daddy.  Not only that, the last few weeks of being in North Carolina, I felt my patience wearing thin, the strain of being a single mom of three was really taking its toll, we were (and still are!) in the throes of the Terrible Twos, and I really needed deliverance.  So here is my deliverance.  I'm surrounded by people who love these kids and like nothing better than to lend me a hand.

We're staying with Tim's sister Karen, who has plenty of space for us to move in and spread out.    There's enough room downstairs for a swing and jumperoo for Timmy, as well as for the girls to tear around with two double doll strollers -- one of the many goodies awaiting Delaney and Annie the night we arrived, courtesy of several older girl cousins and a doting grandma.  We've made ourselves very comfortable here.  We've got her washer and dryer working harder than ever before.  They had a pretty easy life before we showed up.

We've made ourselves a fixture at Tim's parents' house every afternoon, where we have a standing invitation to dinner for the whole time we're here.  I have not cooked dinner in two weeks.  I like to head over as soon as naptime is over every afternoon.  I enjoy being in a place that is the center of so much activity once again.  In the same way, my parents' kitchen is the crossroads of the whole family, and I love that both Tim and I come from that sort of background.  For me, it took being away to really appreciate it.  Now I'm sounding like a country song.

Last week, a friend of Karen's came over to take pictures of the kids so that Carolyn could have an updated photo of the grandkids for the living room.  Unfortunately, not a single shot of just the kids turned out.  Sam is a Photoshop wizard, though, so maybe once she's done we will have one that passes.  We did get a few good ones of Timmy and all the ladies.
Timmy says, "Daddy!  Grandpa!  Save me!"
This sums up my life, except I'm usually in yoga pants and tearing my own hair out.
Delaney is attending preschool three mornings a week at the one that her Auntie Sam is director of.  She started the Monday after Thanksgiving, and she'll go until Christmas break.  I don't know yet if she will go at all in January.  I love that she gets to continue the same routine that she had in NC.  And a bonus for me is, Grandpa picks her up and drops her off.  

I'm happy to be in New England again, and happy to be spending the holidays here.  And when we get back some time in the middle of January, it will only be a matter of a few short weeks before Tim gets back.  So much to look forward to!

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