Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Timmy at 3 months

This baby boy is so much fun.  He has stolen our hearts, that's for sure.

Some of his favorite pastimes include sitting around sucking on his hand or lying in his activity mat and batting at the toys that hang down.  He loves when his sisters talk or sing to him.

He loves the changing table.  He smiles up at me while he pushes off with his feet and scoots himself backward.  I grab his feet and say, "Cut that out!"  He's never minded diaper changes, but now that he coos and smiles through them, I enjoy them so much more.

He's a very vocal little guy.  His favorite sound is "Gggggg.." with a lot of slobber, to make it sound like radio static.  I think in his language that sound must mean something funny, because he laughs when I say it back to him.  Sometimes he looks so serious as if he's really trying to tell me something.  I'd give anything to know what it is!
This month he has gone from 6 to 8 hour stretches of sleep at night to only about 4.  That is kind of a bummer for me, but at least we're only up for 15 minutes at a time -- as long as it takes to feed him, change him, swaddle him, and lay him back down.  Then I gulp down an 8-ounce glass of water and go right back to sleep myself.  He still sleeps in the co-sleeper.
Beautiful sleeping boy
As far as a daytime routine goes, he is on the EASY plan (Eat, activity, sleep, you time -- a la The Baby Whisperer) that we tried and failed to implement with Delaney four years ago.  I realized this recently while talking with a friend who said she was trying to put her son who is 4 weeks younger than Timmy on the similar Babywise eat-play-sleep routine.  She said she feels like she's trying to fight nature. That's when it dawned on me that Timmy was on that routine, but it had happened so naturally that I hadn't even noticed it until that moment.  He put himself on that plan by the time he was a few weeks old, and I just go along with it.  There is no set number of naps or even a set time.  If he's eaten and he's played for awhile, and then starts blankly staring and rubbing his eyes, I know what comes next.  Easy indeed.  It is hard when we're out and he can only catch a short nap on the go, either in the carrier or the carseat.  He ends up pretty cranky after a morning out and about with no good long nap.  Recently, we took an overtired Timmy on a hayride after a long morning at A Day at the Farm.  He cried so loudly no one could hear the tour guide.  I had to agree with Timmy that the hayride wasn't that much fun.  We do these things to make his sisters happy.

Timmy's nicknames include Timsy, Tims, Mistah, Wittle Mistah, and whatever else happens to gush from my mouth when I'm talking to him.  My babies have a gazillion nicknames by the time they're a year old. I can't help myself.

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  1. 6-8 hour stretches! When does this happen?? :)

    He looks like such a cutie!