Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grandma's fall visit

At long last, Carolyn holds a grandson!
Tim's mom came to stay with us from October 1 through 8.  It was a fun, relaxing, laid-back visit that didn't involve any assembly or disassembly of anything in our home.  I was freed up to get some things done myself. I put together and hung up a couple little photo galleries on my living room wall, a task that I had been procrastinating forever.  I got my highlights done, which hadn't been done since a few weeks before Timmy was born.  I put away most of the girls' summer clothes, pulled out the hand-me-down fall clothes for Annie, and shopped for Delaney.
I took my little guy with me to my hair appointment, where he snuggled up to me contentedly.  A woman sat in the chair next to me, caught my eye, laughed, and said, "That ought to be a Norman Rockwell painting."
Timmy charmed the socks off Grandma, smiling, cooing, "telling stories," and laughing.  He loved having someone else to hold him and talk to him.

The next person to come visit us will be Tim Sr.  A couple days after he gets here, we'll all drive up to Massachusetts.  So now we've got to hang in there the next 5 weeks or so, go to Massachusetts for the holidays, come back in January, and then wait one more month for Tim to get home.  Always counting down to something..
Delaney was so excited to hear the story she'd "written" about a friendship between a puppy and a big bad wolf read with drama and flair like only Grandma could.
Both our girls have a weakness for Dunkin Donuts.  On the way home one night, we stopped there for some coffee and Munchkins.  Carolyn put them on the kitchen table and went back out to the garage to help unload the rest of the car.  I don't even remember seeing Annie get out of the car and go inside.  But once we all got into the kitchen, we found her shoving Munchkins in her mouth as fast as she could, as if they were all about to be snatched away from her.  She must have been thinking about that all the way home!  
I still find it a little strange that I often take the kids to play, and once a year to look for pumpkins, at a  church graveyard.
"Decorating" pumpkins
Walking and window shopping downtown

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