Saturday, August 20, 2011


I never did this with either of the girls, and I'm kind of sad I didn't.  So I hired Heather of Life in Bloom Photography,  who was supposed to be at Timmy's birth, to take newborn photos.  They were taken at our house.  He was just shy of two weeks old in these photos.  I think she did a great job.  And Timmy was a cooperative little model.
Heather felt bad for missing the birth, so she made this onesie for me.  Cute!  Heather is also expecting her third child, and will also be having him/her at home.
This was the only photo that disappointed me because it's the only group of shots that had anything Marine in it.  The one on her website turned out much better.  This one looks like an 'awkward baby photo.'  If you don't get the reference, you should look at  Hilarious!  There is even a category for babies.

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