Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 + weeks later

Today is the beginning of my second full day on my own with the three kiddos.  Tim Sr was supposed to leave later this morning, but he had to leave suddenly Monday afternoon, when Carolyn went to the hospital for high blood pressure.  At this time, she is home and she is OK, and I hope and pray that continues.  But on Monday it was scary.  Luckily the airport is about 7 minutes away, and he was able to fly out within an hour or two of getting the phone call.

It worked out perfectly that he was there for a couple weeks before Timmy came and exactly a couple weeks after.  The girls took his sudden departure in stride.  I will miss the sound of him giving them a bath, and not just because it means I am not the one doing it.  "Wash yourself all over!  Your arms, your legs, your face!  Wash your butt too!"  He had his own way of doing things, that's for sure.  Hopefully he's relaxing now, because he sure needs it after almost 4 weeks of taking care of my two rambunctious girls.

My mom arrives in 5 days, and she will be staying for a week.  I can't wait until she gets here.  I am (mostly) doing fine here alone, but I am really hating afternoons.  The literature I read says that newborns are supposed to sleep upward of 16 hours a day.  But nobody told Timmy that.  Ever since day 3 or 4 of his life, he has been a very alert baby for the most part.  He wants to be held all the time, and during the day only sleeps in the car or in the sling.  Right now I'm enjoying a rare moment where he naps on his own.  I have been missing out on my beloved nap (wahhh!).  I spend the whole 90-minute window of Delaney's quiet time trying to get him to sleep, trying every trick in the book -- bouncing, jiggling, nursing, swaddling, rocking, walking, bouncing, jiggling, nursing..  Just when I think I'm making making progress, his eyes pop open so wide you can see the whites all around.  Then, as soon as nap time/ quiet time is over for the girls, with his belly full, he falls blissfully asleep for three hours.
I had time to paint their toenails!
After yesterday afternoon, I decided I had to get help.  This is a short phase, true, and I know it will be over before long.  But in the meantime, I need some rest, and the girls need someone around who is not grumpy and short-tempered from lack of rest.  They will not go play independently in their nice big playroom.  They just keep buzzing around me waiting for me to entertain them in some way, and I just keep getting more and more aggravated.  So I emailed our babysitter Afton, our one and only because the other one moved a few months ago.  Afton had some bad news for me -- she's moving at the end of this month!  She is available a few afternoons before she moves, but after that, she's gone.  My assistant midwife, Debbie, has told me time and again to call if I want one of her daughters to come help me out, so I believe I'll give her a call.  I'll ask if any of her daughters happens to already be around.  They live out in the country, 45 minutes away, but spend a lot of their time in the New Bern area.  I don't want any of them driving out here just for me, but if one of them happens to be hanging around, I would love to have one of them over.  That way the girls could have someone playing with them, reading them books, etc., and I could have another opportunity to catch a nap.  Just a couple hours would make a huge difference for me.  Not a couple hours of napping.  I only need a 15-minute nap, but the whole two hours of help.
Payback time for Timmy as I let his sisters wake him up from his long nap
And now I have to begin the search again for another babysitter.  Ideally, I'd love to find a teenager or tween who I could hire as a mother's helper.  But I still don't know any of my neighbors, and I don't know of anyone who has a teenage girl.  So I'll post another ad on Sittercity and see what comes up.

I know from past experience that this too shall pass, before I know it, and I will have Timmy on some kind of routine in a month or two.

Other than the napping issue, Timmy has been doing great.  He's a good nurser, and he's growing fast.  As of August 3, Sherry's last visit, he weighed 8 lbs 12 oz.  So at one week and two days, he was already 9 oz over his birth weight.  He already looks a lot different than he did when he was born.  He's not as scrawny looking, for sure.
2 weeks old
We had his newborn photos taken by Heather, the would-be birth photographer, this past Sunday.  He was surprisingly very cooperative, and she said this was one of her easiest newborn photo shoots.  We got some good ones, and I can't wait to see them.  I was surprised by what hard work newborn photography is.  Have you seen a cute photo of a baby in a hammock?  Someone has to hold that hammock!  I had to hold Timmy in the hammock, with my arms extended as far as they could go so I wouldn't be in the shot.  For anyone who's thinking this sounds like a safety concern, I did this while kneeling and I took frequent breaks.  Heather told me I need to do pilates.  She's right, I need to do something.  Maybe in a few weeks.

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