Friday, November 19, 2010

Annalise at eighteen months

Our little Annie is halfway between 1 and 2 already.  I can't believe how much she's changed in just a few short months!

 A wonderful change this month is that she is starting to use words to make her wishes known.  "Teeth," if she wants to brush her teeth.  "Brush" if she wants me to give her a brush.  "Off" if she needs help taking off her jacket.  "Book" if she wants me to read to her.  My favorite is when Delaney asks for a treat, and Annie shouts "Cheat!" while pointing at the candy-filled pumpkin on top of the fridge.  We're working on 'please' and 'thank you', both of which she'll say when prompted.  I'm not holding my breath for the time when she says it without prompting, because we're still not quite there with Delaney!  I praise the heck out of her for using a word because it means less guessing for me.  She is shaping up to be a little chatterbox like her sister.
She loves being read to, and her favorite book is a beat-up old Elmo book that plays music.  The pages used to have things that popped-up, but those kinds of books never stay intact for long at our house.  I press the button that plays the little tune, I sing the words, and she dances around in circles grinning ear to ear.  Then Delaney joins in and it's a dance party.  Lately, one read-through of that book is not enough, and she signs "again" as she picks it up and hands it to me.  I might read again once or twice.  Then she shrieks with anger if I won't read it again.
This photo was taken by a photographer.  I love how it shows her blue eyes.
She still just loves to help unload the dishwasher.  As soon as she hears the clanking of dishes, she comes running, saying, "Help.  Help."  If I'm finishing up, I put some plates and silverware back in for her to pull out.  This will one day be her job, so I'm happy to let her practice.

We keep asking her, "Annie, where are the rest of your teeth?"  She still only has six, and I really thought a couple times recently she was getting another tooth.  I thought once I even felt the edge of a tooth.  I even think I can see the shapes of her teeth through her gums.  We really think one morning we're going to go in there and she'll be grinning at us with a whole head full of teeth.

It's hard to find clothes that fit Annie these days, so most of the time she runs around in ill-fitting clothes.  She's at an awkward stage -- too big for 12-18 month clothes, but 18-24 hangs on her.  I've been doing some shoddy alterations on her pants to make them stay on.  She'll have her 18-month checkup on the 23rd, and we'll find out just how big she is.  She looks pretty average-sized to me.
Mama, my pants are too small!
She has constipation issues all the time, and she will not eat any of the fresh fruits I put in front of her.  She only wants the processed snacks that get her into this trouble in the first place.  We've tried to substitute All Bran crackers, but she's not fooled by those.  She might eat a few black beans at dinner, and each bean I see her consume is a little victory.  I have found that a teaspoonful of Karo syrup helps, and she will take it right off the spoon so I don't have to dilute it anything and hope she finishes it.

In the morning she calls out loudly until I come in for her.  I say 'good morning' and open the blinds.  When I go to pick her up, she squeals and falls down on the mattress.  She won't let me get her, but then if I say, "OK, you can stay, I'm leaving," she'll whimper.  Then I come back and it starts all over again.  She loves to play these little games from morning to night.

She amazes me with all the little things she's learning.  Just the other day she pointed at my ring and said, "Bockle."  Sparkle.  I had taught her that word, and now she was using it.   She gives us all such joy.  We love our Annie.

Update: On 11/24, we had Annie's 18 month checkup.  She's 33 inches tall and 25 pounds.  She's at the 59th percentile for weight, and the 82nd percentile for height.  She and Delaney got their flu vaccines.  All was well for our first pediatric visit at the Naval Health Clinic.  The only thing I have to worry about is the nurse-practitioner told me there was already some decay on Annie's teeth.  I'm supposed to be brushing her teeth "several" times a day, not just once or twice.  So now I have to follow her around all day with a toothbrush, to make sure she gets to keep those teeth for at least another four or five years!

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