Monday, November 8, 2010

Delaney at three years, four months

Delaney is not getting much of an update written about her this month.  And no pictures, due to technical difficulties.  (Our wretched PC is on the fritz again.)

The way she phrases things continues to amuse me.  She thinks it's acceptable to substitute
 "How 'bout ______?" for the polite way of asking for things.  I say, "Um, how about using your manners to ask for that?"

If I'm stressed out about something, she'll say, "It will be fine, Mama," or "Just take a deep breath."  Another time, I was irritated at something Annie had done, and Delaney said, "OK, just settle down, settle down."  That's exactly what I always needed, a little voice telling me everything's going to be alright.  Thanks for that, Delaney!

She is crazy about dinosaurs of late, and watches Dino Dan every day.  Her current favorite animal is a toy triceratops.  She tells me, "I'm Dino Dan, you're Mama Dino Dan, Dada's Dada Dino Dan, and Annie's Annie Dino Dan."  And she'll correct me all day long when I call her Delaney.  "No, I'm Dino Dan, remember?"

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