Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annalise at twelve months

Annie already has a couple of posts dedicated to turning one, and I was just going to leave it at that; but for the sake of being thorough, I have to do the monthly update.  Keep in mind, most of this information is for my future reference, because I'm going to forget it all within weeks.:)

As I have been sharing here the past couple weeks, she's been working on walking since the end of April, and that has been fun to watch.  It started out with just a few steps just once or twice a day.  Now, she's getting up, walking several steps, falling, and getting back up all day long.  My favorite is when she takes a few steps toward me, and when she's close enough, just dives and puts her little arms around my neck.  Pure joy.  I'm also happy that soon there will be no more scuffed up toes of nice shoes and no more filthy knees from crawling around outside.

I've been noticing something interesting, also in regard to her walking:  She walks way more confidently and takes longer to stumble when she's carrying something in her hands, especially if it's something we don't want her to have.  Maybe it's because then she feels like she has a purpose -- to get away.

One night at storytime, Delaney tried to reach for a toy that Annie had in her hand, ready to just swipe it like she always does.  Instead, Annie screeched so loud that Delaney shrank back, startled.  She's learned that if she wants something, she might have to defend it.  It's great that she can stand up to her big sister, but sometimes she tries to be a bully too, taking the thing Delaney has.  We're trying to teach her that just because she's the baby doesn't always mean she can get her way.

Here are some other things she does, in no particular order:
-- If she wants something we have, most likely food or drink, she asks for it by tilting her head to the side and holding out her arm, flexing her hand and fingers.
-- She signs "more" by pointing the index finger of one hand into the palm of the other.
-- She loves to put her finger in our mouths, and has for at least a couple months.  She's fascinated by the inside of our mouths.
-- She hands us toys, then takes them back.  Similarly, she acts as if she's going to feed me sometimes by putting an animal cracker in my mouth, then takes it out and eats it herself.

I think last month I said she was still nursing a lot.  It seems like the day after I published that post, she went  to nursing just three times a day, which I think was partly her decision and partly mine.  She didn't seem to want to as much, so I started offering less.  At some point in the next few months, I expect her interest in nursing will further dwindle, and soon I'll have weaned another baby.

Update: We just took her for her 12-month checkup on the 24th.  She is 21 pounds, six ounces and 29 3/4 inches long.  Perfectly healthy!

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