Saturday, May 8, 2010

Delaney at two years, ten months

It's been another great month for Delaney.  She is becoming such a smart and sweet little girl.

Delaney sometimes "reads" me her current favorite book, Olivia and the Missing Toy.  I'm very impressed with her memory, and her pronunciation of the words.  I need to get video of it because it's so cute when she says in her best 'mom' voice, "It's time to get up, sweetie-pie.  Remember, you have soccer this morning."  It's fun to hear her say things that I wouldn't normally hear her say, such as "Olivia's uniform comes in a really unattractive green."  She can't really say "unattractive", but she tries so hard.  I also like how she looks at the pages the words are on.  I guess she knows from watching me what pages the words are on.  It looks like my little girl loves books as much as I do, and that makes me happy.

Poor Delaney has had a runny nose and itchy watery eyes for at least a month now.  We give her Children's Zyrtec once or twice a day, but it's hard to tell if it helps at all.  Sometimes I feel so bad for her when her eyes are baggy and red and she says they hurt.  I wonder if any good would come out of taking her to a doctor.  Is there anything a doctor could do for allergies besides give her a stronger medication that would make her drowsy?  I'm hoping that this will pass in a few weeks, but if it doesn't, I might bring her to the doctor.

Delaney knows that her birthday is on "Ju-yy eight" and that she'll be three.  Some of her favorite things to do are playing "ring around the rosy"; helping us with a task that looks like fun, such as dusting furniture or icing a cake (not cleaning up her toys!); and swiping toys from her sister.  When she's excited about something, she yells, "Woo-hoo!"  She loves surprises of just about any kind.  She loves to get mail just like I do, and lately she's been getting more of it, thanks to a smattering of birthday parties she's attended.  She asks us every day if she can play outside in her bare feet.  We let her, in our backyard.  She loves to draw -- on windows, on her desk, on books, on herself, on the patio, and basically on everything besides paper.  She draws with crayons and chalk.  I'm happy to say she does not draw on walls, and she does not draw with her poop.:)

Here are Delaney and her daddy modeling the bandannas Auntie Grace (my sister) sent.  Cute, huh?  The t-shirt Delaney is wearing reads "Run in the grass, play in the sun."  If Delaney has a personal motto, that would be it.  She must be allowed to run loose, does not like to follow the crowd, and wants to be a "free range chicken" as Tim likes to say.  Doesn't she look like a little rebel in that bandanna?

This month, Delaney saw her first live show.  It was Sesame Street brought to us right here on base by the USO.  She wasn't having too much fun until I let her go all the way up to the front, where she could run around and dance her little heart out with all the other kids up there.

One more little story:  A few days ago, we had just gotten on the road for our quick house-hunting trip to the Cherry Point, NC area.  It's a five hour trip.  We had literally only driven past two exits on 95 when Delaney piped up with, "Are we there yet?"  We are going to have some good times in the car this summer, with the long car rides we've planned!

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