Monday, February 8, 2010

Delaney at two years, seven months

Delaney, Delaney, Delaney.. Yes, she drives us crazy, but we do have plenty of reasons for keeping her around.  In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Steven Covey says that we ought to "envision everyone wearing a T-shirt that says, 'Be patient; I'm not finished yet.'"  Not a one of us can claim to be a finished product.  I know I owe her a little more patience, being that she is still very new to the world, and just trying to figure it all out as best she can.  And we do love her so.

This month had lots of ups and downs, but we can sum it up with more than just POOP!

She's more affectionate these days.  Only when she wants to be, not when prompted.  That's important.  I think the unasked-for acts of love and sweetness are best of all.  It could be a big hug out of nowhere.  It's saying, "I love you too, Mama (or Dada)," as we're leaving the room after putting her to bed.  Once, she held her sister's face in her hands and giggled, "You're cute, Annie."  She's probably very aware of how we melt like butter when she is loving with us.

She plays with her sissy now, and I guess I hadn't noticed how much she was NOT playing with her before.  Then one day, I saw the two of them rolling around on the floor and was like, wow..  At first I wanted to interfere because Annie's just a baby, and you have to be careful with the baby, blah, blah.  But then I just stopped and just watched instead.  Delaney was grabbing her and pulling her this way and that, and Annie didn't seem to mind at all.  On the contrary, she seemed delighted to be the center of her sister's attention.  [I do have to keep an eye on them, though, because Delaney will just as likely lay down on her sister and not let her budge, and not seem to care that she's crying!]
Now I'm hearing all the time, "Annie, come over here!"  "Annie, come on up! (as she looks down on her from the top of the stairs)  You can do it!"  I just sigh, smile, and am happy to see them becoming friends.

I'm also seeing a little bit of jealousy.  Delaney wants to go into the Exersaucer and call herself a baby; she wants to drink from Annie's sippy; she'll whine and whimper in order to be picked up.  I try to humor her for the most part, but I also remind her that, yes, the puffs are just for Annie, but that's because there isn't much food she's allowed to have.  I point out that "you can have a cookie, but she can't."  I also remind her that as the big girl, she has to make sure she keeps her crayons and markers up where Annie can't get them because she's just a baby and can't have them yet.  I think this occasional desire to be the baby is to be expected. One of my earliest memories (from when I was about 3 1/2)  is asking for my dad to hold me and feed me a bottle that was intended for my brother.  He said OK, laid me on his lap and began feeding it to me.  I promptly jumped up and said, "Yuck!" as I'm sure he expected I would.

When Tim and I are correcting her about something, she sometimes exclaims, "Mama (or Dada), stop talking to me!"  Don't we all wish for a mute button sometimes?

Sometimes she makes me smile in spite of myself.  Once, when I was not inclined to be happy, since I'd found her in her room after nap surrounded by diapers, she said, "Sorry, Mama.  I clean up."  She began picking up diapers and as she did so, she looked at me and said, "Are you happy?"  She's also started saying to me sometimes, with a big smile, "Happy face."  How can I not smile back?  It's very good of her to remind me to smile.  It is also surprising and new to see her paying attention to my feelings.  Could this be the beginning of empathy?

For my part, I try to remember to let her know when something she does makes me happy.  When she shares with a friend without a fuss, or puts the piece of merchandise she's been holding on the counter at checkout time, I tell her that is very good and I'm proud.  One day I went into her room and found it (somewhat) neat, and her still clothed.  I was thrilled. I told  her how happy I was to see no mess, and her with her clothes and diaper still on.  "Good job!"  She said, "Thanks!"
Delaney drinks hot chocolate after playing in the snow.  Again.

She sings to herself a lot, especially at naptime and bedtime.  The Wonderpets song is probably her favorite right now, and she sings it so perfectly.  It's adorable.  Old MacDonald Had a Farm is another favorite.

She has the words to her (current) favorite books memorized.  One of those favorites is If You Give a Pig a Party.  I start sentences and she finishes them, and I like this new interactive style of story time.  "You'll need to find pajamas and .. blankets and pillows for everyone!"  "When she sees all the pillows, she'll probably want to start a .. pillowfight!"  

She's been eating so well lately, at least for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  I mentioned to Tim one day how much she'd been eating, and he said, "She needs to keep the supplies coming for her art."

I did not plan on talking about poop again so soon after my last rant, but I feel I would be remiss if I didn't give you an update on that situation.  We seem to have found a solution in the last few days.  I finally took the advice of some friends and put her zippered PJs on backward (the very same ones I used to safety pin on the front; but there's too much elastic on the front, so she was able to stretch her way out anyway).  It really bothered me to do that, because I thought, how could that be comfortable at all?  But it doesn't bother her, aside from her initial confusion about why she was being zipped up the back.  Then I set the baby monitor up in a place where she couldn't get to it (under her mattress).  Just by listening, I have a good picture of what she's up to.  I can go change her before she even starts attempting to get out of her clothes.  As a bonus, we get to hear her talking and singing about how the Wonderpets save the day.  She's been spending more time napping and less time preoccupied with what's in her diaper.  Win-win.  I wish I'd thought of that before I gave her the cold bath.  *Shudder*

She's up there for quiet time now, and I am hearing some noises and wondering what she's up to.  I can tell you one thing she isn't up to!

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  1. Precious.....she seems like such an amazing little thing! =)
    Maybe the Marine Corps will put us at the same time and place so we can meet her and Annie...