Friday, February 19, 2010

Annalise at nine months

Happy longer-out-than-in day to Annie-Banannie!

We just had her checkup this morning.  She's 20 pounds and 27 3/4 inches long.  She's fallen a little bit percentile-wise, probably since she's been a lot more mobile since her last visit.  She's now 75th percentile for weight and 50th for height.  She had a routine hemoglobin test, and it's normal, but low normal.  I was asked if I've been giving her a vitamin with iron, and when I said I have, I was told to definitely keep that up.  I, too, have a tendency to be iron-deficient, and have to take a supplement.  Other than that, she's as healthy as can be.  She is still mostly breastfed, with one meal of baby food.  She's liking it a little better than before.  She eats finger foods with her thumb and forefinger now.  And best of all, she's figuring out how to tilt the sippy cup up in order to drink out of it.

She's been doing more of the things she started last month -- just quicker and with more determination.  She loves to climb.  With Delaney's coaching, she'll be climbing stairs in no time.  She pulls up on everybody and everything, and can stand on her own for a few seconds at a time.

At around eight-and-a-half months, I finally felt the edge of a tooth as she was gnawing on my finger, the way she loves to do all the time.  That lonely little stub of a tooth is the cutest.  If cutting a tooth hurt, she never showed it.  We've been lucky around here, when it comes to teething.  I never even noticed when Delaney got molars.  She just opened her mouth one day and there they were!

I have a tooth!

Since I've been used to seeing Annie as such a laid-back baby, I was surprised to notice this month what I believe is the beginning of a temper.  Oh, great.  Before, if she crawled after something I didn't want her to have, I would simply move her away, say "not for babies," she'd forget about it, and that would be the end.  Now she gives me a screech to let me know she isn't happy.  Begs to differ!  And the things I pull her away from, become her obsession.  One day, I was helping Charlie, a little girl I was watching that day, to use the potty.  Charlie was all done, and standing there.  Before I could help get her pants back up and the bowl emptied, I saw Annie trying to climb up on the little potty.  (Yes, it's a pretty little pink throne, but it's still a TOILET!)  I moved her out of the room, and then tried to quickly complete the tasks at hand.  But before I knew it, Annie had crawled back over, and she was intent on getting ahold of that potty.  Her little hands were on the seat and she was trying to reach in.  I must have that potty!  She was so mad when I picked her up, ran out, and plopped her on her dad's lap in the living room.  These little ones learn so fast that the things Mama doesn't want them to touch must be really good stuff.

I didn't do it.

[You could probably Google "poop" or "toilet" and find my blog at this point.]

She smiles a lot, but giggles are few and far between, usually brought on by tickling.  The sound is so sweet it almost brings a tear to my eye.  Since that magical night in the tub, she's maybe only laughed at her sister once or twice.  She doesn't ever act too silly unless she's tired.  Then she flings herself backward on my lap so I will dangle her upside down while holding her hips.  She doesn't make a sound, but I look down to see her mouth wide open in silent laughter.  I pull her back up and she does it again.

She has a dramatic pout.  Watch me leave her sight when she's in one of her moods -- just to go in the other room -- and you will see an Oscar-worthy performance.  Her face crumples, she whimpers loudly, and fat tears roll down her cheeks.  Mama, don't you leave me here!  Furiously, she crawls after me, palms slapping the floor, leaving a trail of snot, drool and tears.  This all seems familiar, like I've seen it before.. yes, big sissy was the same way.  But on the mornings that Tim gets the girls out of bed and lets me sleep, he says she's happy and content until I come down the stairs two hours later.  Then it's, Mama, where were you?  I've missed you terribly, I've been miserable every minute I was alone with Dada and Delaney!

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