Monday, May 16, 2016

Joey: 5 Months

Joey's been very busy this month: busy growing, busy depriving me of sleep, and craziest of all, busy becoming MOBILE. I could barely keep him still long enough to take his official five-month picture, and that's why none of them turned out very well. Boo. No more perfect posing for me like a little doll!
A few weeks ago he started rocking back and forth on all fours and occasionally going after something he really wanted. Now he does less rocking and more of what I call "inchworming" -- pushing himself forward off his hands and knees, then getting up on all fours and doing it again. This is a first for us, a baby moving at four months -- about two months before his big siblings. People comment that it's because he wants to keep up with them. We say it's more likely he wants to get away. He loves them, but they can be a bit much sometimes. As I type this he's going after a ball, pushing it away, and going after it again. It's the cutest thing. Here's a video of him in action, coming after my camera.
He sat once for about seven seconds. Timmy and I cheered for him as if he were the first baby to ever do that. He is starting to go to sitting from all fours, which is the reverse of what his siblings did. They got to be really good sitters first, and then they went to all fours.
His sleep habits have not been making me happy at all. I think he's had two good nights of sleep in the last month. The first was in the hotel in Charlotte. The second was a couple nights ago when he only got up once at 3 and again at 6. It really stinks. It can be hard to settle him down at night because sometimes he goes crazy in that pack 'n play. He flops like a fish on land, rolls this way and that, turns circles, does mountain climbers, downward facing dog and who knows what else. It's like he's got restless body syndrome. Eventually he wears himself out and goes to sleep, and the rest of the night is unpredictable. He might wake up hungry at 10, and/or 1. Sometimes he can make it until 6, but other times I'll hear him again at 3, look at the clock and think, 'Ugh, didn't we just do this?' I really hope he moves past this phase soon. I just read Annie's and Timmy's 5-month updates and I see that was a crappy month of sleep for them too. After reading their next couple of updates, I see that I can expect things to get better by month 7. I need a really, really good concealer.

He takes a few naps a day, the first being about an hour after he wakes up, and the last one usually right before dinner. They don't usually last more than an hour, so if I want to nap myself, I have to drop what I'm doing and go right to bed the minute he goes to sleep sometime between 12:30 and 1:30. It doesn't always work because Timmy has been phasing out his afternoon nap and he makes so much noise in his room with his toys during "quiet time".
He wears 3-6 and 6-9 in clothes, depending on the brand. He's in a size 3 diaper. He has tiny fat feet that just outgrew those itty-bitty boat shoes I loved to put on him. I have sandals that fit him lengthwise, but I have to squish them on because his feet are so fat. I keep him barefoot 99.9% of the time, but sometimes I do wish I could put shoes on him.
He is the most scrumptious baby and he smells wonderful. I love to bury my face in his belly or neck and hear his squeal or his breathless little laugh. I love the way his eyes light up when he sees me, and even the way he sometimes starts to cry when he hears my voice. I love to see the way his siblings fuss over him. They fight over him too sometimes, and I don't like that but I kind of understand. They want their Joey, and they don't want anyone else getting in the way. It's one thing for them to want their Joey, and quite another to want their Joey at 6 on Saturday morning. That's the time that Tim has enlisted Annie's help a couple times, to take care of him while he works out and I get a little more sleep. She's a keeper, that Annie.
He is still exclusively breastfed and has never taken a bottle. We tried a couple times, and I still freeze the milk if I have to pump due to oversupply, but most of the time it's not worth the hassle. If I have to go anywhere without him, I just don't stay away long. If I have to stay away for long, he comes with. No big deal. He will only need to nurse this much for a few more months.

We're all just so crazy about this baby!

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