Monday, May 30, 2016

Finally, the Beach!

We survived the rainy Memorial Day weekend with Tim gone since early Sunday morning. The kids are in bed, I'm sitting here with my glass of wine, and to say I'm relieved would be an understatement. It wasn't too bad though. We made the best of it. I painted some girls' nails, I played Sorry! with Timmy twice, took a failed trip to the neighborhood pool, had a Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith movie night, and then a successful trip to the pool even though the forecast called for rain all day. I'm so glad they got it out of their systems. They've been obsessed with going to the pool.

We did get in a little beach trip before Tropical Storm (Depression?) Bonnie started rolling in. After my whinefest the other day, it occurred to me that the best time to go was Friday as soon as the kids got off the bus. It really made me happy to be able to surprise them with an impromptu trip to the beach on a beautiful day.
The girls found cute little hermit crabs in the tide pools.
I remember last May on our first beach trip of the summer, standing next to Tim and watching the kids play in the waves. I said, "Just think, this time next year we'll have a five-month-old. What do we do with a five-month-old at the beach?" Tim said, "Uh, don't we avoid taking five-month-olds to the beach?"
Not anymore!
Joey had his first mouthful of sand, and Tim snapped a pic to commemorate the occasion.
I have a friend in North Carolina who just posted pictures on Facebook of the first time she took her four kids to the beach by herself. My jaw dropped when I saw that post. Her kids range in age from 6 years to 7 months. I'm not comfortable going it alone with the kids for multiple reasons, the picture below just being one. The movement of kids and gear from the sand to the car; the rinsing of bodies, the changing of clothes, and loading the car.. yikes. It's hard to imagine doing all that by myself, but when I asked her about it she acted like it was nothing. She said the key was to pack light -- no chairs, just a picnic blanket. Just one towel. As far as safety goes, she said she stood with the baby in the surf up to her knees and made sure the other kids didn't go past her. Those things are doable. My girls would be very sad to not be allowed to go deeper, but that would have to be a condition of me taking them without their dad. I remember even when I took just the three without Tim, I did it with a friend. It's kind of daunting to be the only adult with kids at the ocean. But if I were more independent we might be able to go more than once or twice a month! 
This is really just a formality anyway; they are not clean when they get in the car.

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