Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer update

Tim and I knew this was going to be our fastest summer yet, but seriously -- we'll blink and it's over. Almost July already, and did I mention school starts August 13? They're not even registered for school yet. Time keeps going by in chunks. We spent last week at the beach with my mom and dad and brother and his family. Tomorrow Tim Sr. and our niece Alexa will get here, and they'll stay a few days. We have other plans for July that remain top secret for now. (Someone who does NOT read this blog is about to get the best surprise!!) Then the kids and I will spend a week in Ohio and get back with maybe a couple days to spare before school starts.

There are some lulls in there, the first being the first two weeks after school ended. I mentioned how I planned to schedule our days to make sure we didn't get bored, especially since the intense heat and humidity are here, and are not going anywhere anytime soon. I have had some success with that plan. At the start of every week I write down the two or three things I really want us to do that day. But it is not super detailed. A sample summer day starts with yoga for me and then time at the pool with the kids. Then lunch and naps. And then with the exception of library days .. too much time inside all afternoon and too much screen time for the kids. It's a good thing that we've got all these things on the calendar because I have not figured out what to do on regular summer days with that time between naps and dinner when the heat is the worst. There aren't many places to go around here. A friend recommended these workbooks as one way to keep them occupied, and I've ordered them for Delaney and Annie to try to keep those brains of theirs working. Also, I need to put handwriting practice on that white board because then maybe it will actually happen. Ugh. I'm hopeless.

We had such a great vacation with my parents and brother and sister-in-law. This year's location was Folly Beach, which is a whopping hour-and-a-half away from us in Charleston, SC. We stayed in a condo with my parents, and Scotty and Faith and their kids stayed a few doors down. With the exception of a few outings here and there, we mostly hung around the beach and the pool. In the past I'd have done a long recap with lots of pictures, but I think I already posted the best pictures on Instagram, and those are already in my sidebar. 
I really, really enjoyed our time together. They are all so much fun to be around, and they make me laugh. Case in point: One afternoon on the beach, I was trying to stave off dinner hunger by shoving an entire Fig Newton in my mouth while making sure I wasn't attracting the attention of the aggressive seagulls who had at one point stolen a half sandwich right out of my hands. I asked if anyone else wanted one and was told "No, thanks," with snickers. "Why so much hate for Fig Newtons?" I asked. In answer I suddenly found myself in a hailstorm of ridicule for Tim's and my snack of choice when our homemade snacks had run out.

Faith: "I don't think anyone under the age of 65 should be purchasing Fig Newtons." (She had told me earlier about how her parents always have them in the house, and she finds them to be most unappealing.)
Dad: "I didn't know anyone bought them. I thought they just sat on the shelf forever."
Scotty: "That package is probably 30 years old."
Dad: "We ate Fig Newtons when we were kids, but that was back before there were so many choices."
Tim: [No witty retort from him because he was in the ocean with a couple of the kids. Too bad.]

I was like, sheesh, I know they're not that great, but I think you could do a lot worse! Yes, it was discussed, there was something worse than a Fig Newton -- a generic one. Vile. (Truly. And I am a person who likes a lot of generics.) Faith decided we needed a picture. It is worth noting that when I gave some to the kids and they weren't being as careful with crumbs, the seagulls were not interested.
I also loved sharing the condo with my parents. I liked seeing them first thing in the morning and throughout the day, and seeing Dad being a curmudgeon (but a funny one) and Mom dealing with him.. And looking at them both and seeing how much of the way I am comes directly from them. Of course everybody turns out like their parents, but it's eye-opening just the same. I know it probably is for Tim too.

There were a lot of faces missing from the picture this year, but I just remind myself what a gift it is anytime any of us are able to spare the time away from their busy lives so we can spend this time together. We're talking about the gulf coast for next time. Who's in?

What else is there..? 

All remains well with our little nugget. He/she kicks quite a bit already, to the point where the other day my midwife could see the movement for herself. We haven't even scheduled the 20-week ultrasound yet, so we're going to be waiting the longest we've ever had to wait before finding out the gender. We found out at 17 weeks with Annie and Timmy and at 19 weeks with Delaney. I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. I can be patient. We think we've settled on a boy's name, but we can not for the life of us come up with a girl's name. We've tossed around more names for this kid than for any of the others combined. For some reason I'm feeling strongly like I want to continue having a different first initial for each of the kids. I like to just be able to jot down a first initial for each of them. OK, that leaves 23 other letters in the alphabet, so that shouldn't be hard to do. 

Here's a photo from the ultrasound we had at 14 weeks. Based on that ultrasound I get a due date of December 5, four days ahead of what I get from my chart. I'll still go with my original due date, though, and not count on the baby coming any sooner. The other three came well before their due dates like good little Marines who consider themselves late if they're on time, but that doesn't mean number 4 will. 
Until next time!


  1. Glad you had a fun vacation and glad baby is doing well! Can't wait to hear what you're having! Also- I love fig newtons and they are pretty much the only 'cookie' we buy for the kids who also love them :) I didn't know we were so weird either!

    1. A-ha, so there is someone else buying them, someone under 65! Imagine that!