Friday, June 5, 2015

Stitch Fix for the second trimester

I got my Babycenter update a couple days ago, and it seems that someone along the way decided that the second trimester starts at 14 weeks. I disagree with that. 14x3 is 42. How many people do you know who are pregnant until 42 weeks? I know it happens, but I think it's pretty rare. My longest pregnancy was 39 weeks 4 days, so I'm calling myself a third of the way through!

Another thing: I got straight A's in English class, and even though I've gotten rusty over the years I still know better than to keep switching tenses when I write. But I can not stop myself! I couldn't decide which tense to use, and would change my mind multiple times in a single paragraph (just like I'm doing here, see?) It's driving me crazy. I'm getting tired of trying to edit it. Good thing I'm not doing this for work or for a grade.  

As I've done the other two times, I dropped everything when I saw the Stitch Fix (my referral link) box on my front porch, and proceeded to waste all kinds of time taking awful pictures of myself modeling the clothing in front of my bedroom mirror. What could be more exciting than a box of surprise clothes?
A quick glance at the fabrics and it's clear that my stylist knows how much I like green and blue. She threw in some red just to be crazy!
In my note to her about a week ago, I told her that I would be getting the clothes around the beginning of my second trimester, and asked that she give me things that allow room to grow but can also be worn after the baby's born. In other words, not strictly maternity and therefore only useful for a few months. I also told her how much I like maxi dresses and how the maxi skirt she sent me in the last Fix was perfect for this summer. I asked her for something else to go with it because right now I have only three tops that can coordinate with it; and I've already outgrown one. I also mentioned I'd be going on a vacation soon and hoped to have things that would be nice for that.

I can see she did her best to heed my requests, and was happy to see that there were two maxi dresses in the box and a top that would definitely go with that maxi skirt.

The first thing I tried on was this cute blouse. The style card mentioned it would work with shorts and sandals and also with skinnies. Skinnies -- ha! It's too hot for those even if they did still fit. Fortunately I have denim shorts that were too big on me to begin with and fit nicely now. I chose the sand dollar necklace my mom gave me for my birthday last year and the new wedges Tim got me as part of my Mother's Day gift this year, to complete the outfit. (Not quite complete -- I could still use some earrings, but good enough.) We have a winner! This blouse is exactly the kind of thing my wardrobe needs.
It has room to grow but it's not maternity. I wish I'd taken the picture a little closer up so you could see the print better. Verdict: keep.

While I had the shorts on I tried another top -- an honest-to-goodness maternity top with ruching and everything. But I gave it a chance anyway because you've got to try everything on. You never know.
I really just find it to be OK. I do like turquoise and I do like chevron patterns. But I didn't $48 like it, especially since I would only be able to wear it for a few months. Verdict: return.

Next up was this roomy black tank which was intended for the maxi skirt they sent me a couple months ago. It was way too long, and the fit was not flattering. 
It looks a little better from this view. Definitely slimming. But .. it just didn't do it for me. Verdict: return.
I was eager to try my luck with the maxi dresses next. I have just one maxi dress in my closet that I can still wear, and that is just not going to cut it this summer. I tried the teal green one first, and at first I was not inclined to like the teal. I never would have picked it out myself, but once I had it on I liked it. That's what I love best about Stitch Fix -- trying on things I would never be inclined to pull off a rack at a store, and finding out I like them. 
This dress is on the shorter side for a maxi, so flat sandals only. Love the cross-front neckline. It felt snug and comfortable on, maybe a little too snug. In a couple months this dress will probably become too constricting since I carry my babies high (like IN my rib cage) and I expand all over, not just my belly. Buuuuut.. I thought, once I outgrow it later this summer, I can hang it back in my closet and it will fit just fine next spring. It'll be cute with a denim jacket. I was feeling undecided about this one, knowing I would only be able to wear it for a small portion of my pregnancy. I put it aside and then tried it on a few hours later. I discovered that it's nursing friendly! A dress I can nurse in. It's a keeper! I'll see how long it works it for me this summer, and then take it out again next spring when the baby's a few months old and I've lost the extra weight. (I'm being very optimistic about how quickly I'll be losing the weight.) Verdict: keep.

Lastly I tried on the other maxi dress ..
I love the color, which isn't actually real red, but kind of orangey-red. I try my yellow Stella & Dot earrings with it (thanks again to Nicole for those!). So summery! It felt comfortable and looked great on. Again, I thought it might end up being a little too snug before long. (It's hard to describe the way I swell everywhere during pregnancy. I still look normal now, but just wait.) Definitely not nursing friendly, so after outgrowing it in a month or two I wouldn't be able to wear it again until the baby was weaned or nearly weaned. I nursed Timmy for over two years, so that could be awhile. It's also on the shorter side, so only flat sandals again. The material is very thin, and I would not be adequately covered without some kind of undergarment, and that's a bit of a pain. Verdict: return. But I'll let my stylist know that if she wants to send me anything else in that color come August, she's more than welcome. 

Update: I showed Tim pictures of me in it and he convinced me to keep it. I tried it on a couple more times and decided I really liked the way it looked and even though it probably will end up hanging in my closet for a long time while I have a nursing baby, I will wear it again eventually. It is not maternity, and that is kind of what I was after anyway: things that I can wear for a long time to come, not just while pregnant. Verdict: keep!

So, to recap, I ended up keeping three things and sending back two. I was able to put them in a pre-paid USPS envelope and stick it in my mailbox the next day, so really fun and convenient. Besides a new bathing suit I shouldn't be needing anything else for a while. Good news for someone who hates shopping as much as I do but loves looking put together.

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