Saturday, February 14, 2015

I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day.

Tim looked over at me with a wry smile last night and said, "I didn't get you anything for Valentine's Day."

I looked back at him and said, "I know you didn't get me anything."

Looking taken aback he said, "What do you mean, you know?"  It must have been something in my tone that made him think I was discontented even though the two of us have not really celebrated Valentine's Day for years now.  (We do get the kids some little surprises because that's fun.)

I said to him, "You do nice things for me all the time.  I'd rather you do nice things for me every day than wait for one day a year and get me some crappy chocolates --"

"Hey, maybe that's what I should do," he joked.

So, that conversation got me thinking today, about all the things he does for me, big and little.  This is true love:

- Wiping the splatters out of the inside of the microwave;

- Taking the kids out of the house for half of a Saturday, allowing me to clean the house without interruption and have time to myself;

- Kicking his dipping habit for good, losing 25 pounds (about five years ago), and working out regularly in order to be healthier and be around for us longer, and to set a better example for the kids;

- Managing the finances and saving and investing to make sure we get a decent retirement no matter what Congress does, while still getting to enjoy nice things now;

- Rubbing my feet at night while we watch TV;

- Cooking me a delicious dinner every Saturday night after the kids go to bed;

- Washing my car;

- Making me laugh, which is what won me over in the first place

These are a few things that come to mind, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot.  I would pick any one of the items in this list over a bouquet of roses or dinner out and a movie.  I know I'm a lucky woman to be married to a man who is so good to me.

So, happy Valentine's Day, honey!  I didn't get you anything either.;)

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