Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fun times

Just when I thought the stomach bugs had already made their rounds and were gone for good, we were hit with a real doozy.  When all was silent a couple nights ago, I sprang from my bed at the sound of retching.  A long night and an even longer day followed.

The stricken child had complained at bedtime about her stomach hurting, so just in case I had left a bucket by the side of her bed and told her, "It's right here if you need it."  But when she had been shaken from her slumber by the heaves, her only thought in her distress had been to come find us.  But first she got her bed pretty thoroughly.  Then her bedroom carpet.  Then she stumbled through our door and and got a good swath of our carpet too.  At that point I helped her to the toilet but by then she was just about done.

Tim immediately attempted to rinse off the bedding and then he threw it in the washer (what, Tim was home when a kid was sick?!).  Her comforter was a complete loss, but that was okay with me since I'd been looking forward to getting rid of both of those comforters anyway.  This just made it easier.  In the meantime she's got a nice old quilt of my grandma's to use.  She got sick a few more times that night and by morning seemed completely better, albeit without much of an appetite.  I kept her home from school anyway, and we spent the entire day home.  I spent most of it de-pukifying the bedrooms and doing laundry while she and Timmy happily watched TV.

The carpets were the thing that stressed me out most.  This is base housing carpet so it's already not a picnic to begin with.  It was stained and worn everywhere on the day we moved in.  Even freshly vacuumed, it looks awful.  I've never been able to clean anything out of these carpets using any method.  But I was pretty sure this was the worst thing that's ever happened to them.

I remembered an article a friend of mine had shared on Facebook a few years ago when I had been desperate for help.  I  recalled that I had had some success with these instructions on how to get vomit out of carpet, and I had pinned it on Pinterest.  So I opened it up, read it, and got to work following all the steps.  It is very entertaining reading by the way, but it has some gross (and funny) illustrations too.  Maybe don't look at it unless you really need it and at that point you've already seen worse.

At some point in the process, I read that I should "blot" or "dab" at something, and after a few futile-feeling attempts I said to myself, 'When have I ever successfully blotted or dabbed anything out of anything?'  And I know this was not advisable but at that moment I started to scrub like my life depended on it and I had nothing to lose.  Blotting is for sissies!

I am so happy to say that the barfed-on carpets are now no worse than they were before, and after vacuuming up the baking soda clumps I will be done.  Yesterday I said to the culprit, "I beg you, please don't ever come find us to tell us you are throwing up while you are still throwing up!"  Use the bucket I give you, or better yet get to a toilet, and then I will come find you, I promise, and I'll hold your hair back like a good mother should.  But please don't ever make me have to spend all morning cleaning carpets again!

Then after we picked up the other child from school that afternoon, I said to all three of them, "Now you've each had a turn and we are done!"  We'll see how well they listen to me.  They're lucky they're cute.

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