Monday, June 16, 2014

Run Streak Week 3

Monday, June 9: 1.69 miles in 16:03.  Push-ups and stretches afterward.

Tuesday, June 10: 1.02 miles in 7:37.  Like the day before, I went with Tim and he kind of dictated the pace and the route.  I struggled to keep up in the oppressive humidity in the middle of the afternoon.  My attitude toward running at this point was at its absolute lowest.  At exactly the one-mile mark I slowed down and pushed stop/save on MapMyRun.  I told Tim he could go on but he slowed down too and we walked the rest of the way back to the condo together.  At the time I stopped I figured we were maybe a quarter mile from home, but we were actually over half a mile away and it felt like it took a long time to get back.  The whole way I stared at Tim's back as we walked single file along the busy highway and thought about how he was probably annoyed at me.  Oh well.  Push-ups and stretches afterward.

Wednesday, June 11: 1.63 miles in 12:10.  Push-ups and stretches afterward.

Thursday, June 12: 2.45 miles in 20:16.  I ran by myself at a slower pace and enjoyed this run much more.  But for some reason MapMyRun paused and I didn't figure it out until a few minutes later, so I'm not sure exactly how far I went.

Friday, June 13: 1.33 miles at 11:40.  I went in the morning and that was a good thing because it got stormy later on.  Again I ran by myself, and I'm thinking maybe Tim and I aren't the best running partners at this point.  We are at different places.  He likes to go faster and farther, and I'm happy that he's in such great shape and has such dedication.  And at least I can still brag that I ran a mile last week in 6:30, and his fastest was about 6:40.:)

Saturday, June 14: 1.01 miles in 7:43.  This was the day we left St. Augustine and arrived at Disney.  I was pleasantly surprised when Tim told me there is a running trail very close to our resort, a big loop that goes around a pond.  The loop is a little less than a mile long.  A bunny hopped across the trail right in front of me and I was charmed.  There were also signs every so often with little factoids about different years in history, which were also interesting to read.  By the time I was done with my little run at dusk I decided that I'll believe this place is magical if I don't wind up with any new mosquito bites.  Having said said, I was really not in the mood for a run at all by the end of this day, and if not for the challenge it never would have crossed my mind.  That's the whole point!  I started to become overwhelmed thinking of how hard this would be for me in the days ahead after so many hours walking around parks to find the will to knock out a mile run.  One day at a time.
Sunday, June 15: Streak broken.:(  My first full day at Disney -- which would be a joke to most people because Timmy and I were back at our resort by 3:15 -- kicked my butt.  I still would have gone if it hadn't been storming from about 6 p.m. on, with torrential rain.  By the time it stopped I was passed out for the night.  Womp-womp-womp.

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