Monday, June 9, 2014

Run Streak Week 2

Monday, June 2: 1.02 miles in 6:34, then three sets of 10 push-ups.

Tuesday, June 3: 1 mile in 10:50.  This was a rest day for me, so all of us went to the park next to our hotel and I ran laps at a very relaxed pace, with the kids running along off and on.  No other exercises except sun salutations in our room.

Wednesday, June 4: slow 3 mile run after we got back from dinner.  I hate to post the actual numbers, but I'll do it to keep myself honest.  3.02 miles in 28:27.  My belly was so full after a dinner of cheeseburger, fries and an ice cream cone, that I had no desire at all to go running.  Once I got going I was OK, and it was a relief as always to get away by myself for awhile.  But I really wished I'd skipped the ice cream.  Not worth the pain!  After I came back I did a few sets of push-ups, squats, and a lot of stretches in the fitness room.

Thursday, June 5: My only opportunity to run was early in the morning after Tim had dropped Delaney off at school, and before he and Annie left for Beaufort, SC.  I did sun salutations in our room and then went to the park and did 1 mile in 8:29.  I should have tried to do another fast one, but at this point I'm worried about the possibility of injury after so many days straight of running.  I've got a whole month ahead to improve my times.

Friday, June 6: Of all the days, THIS was the day I had multiple excuses not to run.  Tim and Annie had already left, and I was there with Delaney and Timmy.  While Delaney was in her last day of school from 8 to 12, I was getting my pre-vacation pedicure.  It needed several hours of being careful and wearing flipflops so I could be sure the polish was set.  Once I picked up Delaney from school, we immediately started driving to Beaufort to meet up with Tim and Annie at the hotel on the air station.  The trip took us all of six hours even though we stopped only once.  Then I unloaded the car while Tim went out to get us dinner from Moe's.  He was gone for a long while and we ended up having dinner at around 7.  I had one of those big old burritos, and more chips and salsa than I should have.  I was so hungry, and it was so nice to have a full belly.

After dinner Tim was in and out of the room multiple times for reasons I can't remember, and at one point he took Annie with him to go somewhere or do something.  He left the hotel door propped open by the deadbolt.  Maybe he was bringing in more bags or getting a cup of coffee -- even he can't remember for sure.  When they came back, Delaney rushed to the door to open it for them, but before she could, Annie kicked it in.  (To Annie, doors in new places are like conquests, especially when she knows her brother or sister wants to open it first.)  Next thing I knew, Delaney stumbled away from the door howling in pain.  I ran over to her, and when I saw her toe I wanted to cry myself.  In fact I couldn't even hold back the tears because that had to hurt like hell.  The big heavy door had torn a layer of flesh off the side of her big toe, and it was raw and bloody.  Thank God Tim was calm and collected enough to assess it and know that it just needed to be cleaned and bandaged.  I just kept looking at the dangling flap of skin and the blood and raw looking tissue, and I was worried it needed professional attention.  There was an ugly bruise too.  He got our first aid stuff out of the car.  We were missing peroxide and some kind of infection-preventing ointment or spray (our Neosporin had disappeared, it seems), so he went out and got those really quick.  I just tried to comfort Delaney, and I gave her a dose of ibuprofen and a mint so that maybe the sweetness would distract her.
We had her ice the toe and let the wound air out for awhile before bandaging. 
When he got back I felt like I should stick around for when he cleaned it because she was so scared.  But Tim said, "Go do your run.  We don't need you here."  I hesitated, but when Delaney didn't say she wanted me to stay, I put on my shorts and running shoes, grabbed my phone and headed out.  Once I got outside and started to run, I saw lightning flashes and heard thunder rumbling.  I decided it wasn't safe and headed back in.  I was sure I was off the hook now but Tim said, "It's just heat lightning."  Then he said I could go to the gym down the street if I was worried about lightning.  "But it's quarter after 9," I protested.  Maybe there was a day back when I was in college that I might have walked into a gym after 9 p.m., but that day is past.  And this was a Marine base that is unfamiliar to me, full of unfamiliar Marines who will all look up and be like, why is this mom here?  Then Tim got that look on his face that I dread, the look that says if you break the streak, you are a quitter and a disgrace.  In the face of that I had no choice.  Back out I went.  It turned out that the lightning was no concern at all compared to the way people were driving on that base.  Clearly, speed limits are not enforced at this installation because someone went flying by me going at least 45 in a 25.  At least the lightning helped light up the way for me so I could see the breaks in the sidewalk because I didn't dare run on the road.  One lousy mile, and it took me almost 10 minutes.

Saturday, June 7: Florida day, yay! I woke up wanting nothing more than coffee and peace and quiet like always, but of course that was not to be had.  The car needed to be packed, and the coffee in the continental breakfast room tasted like it had been filtered through a dirty sock.  I wanted to go find a Starbucks, but Tim said I had to go running first and then we'd get a good cup of coffee.  With that carrot dangling in front of me, I headed out into the damp morning air for a mile run.  It ended up being a mile and a half, just because I didn't really know where to go.  I sweated like crazy -- the humidity was just unbelievable.  I was grateful later on, after the three-and-a-half hour drive, the unpacking and grocery shopping, that I could relax and spend time with family instead of worrying about fitting in a run.

Sunday, June 8: First full day in St. Augustine.  Mom stayed with the kids while we ran 1.66 miles at an 8:12 pace.  After that I did a couple sets of push-ups and a plank for about a minute.

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