Monday, June 2, 2014

Run Streak Week 1

Monday, May 26: 12-minute long run in and around the (old) neighborhood.
Tuesday, May 27: I ran circles for 10 minutes around the park next to our hotel while the kids were on the swings.  Tim had a softball game.  Dark clouds rolled in and I could hear thunder, but I was like, I can do it!  Again, I am just assuming it was a mile.
Wednesday, May 28: I did two miles on the hotel treadmill.  The first mile was a quick pace (or just FEELS quick on the treadmill), about 8 miles an hour.  The second was pretty slow, but I don't remember the pace.  After that I did four sets of 10 push-ups.
Thursday, May 29: I could only manage 10 minutes of running in place in the hotel room. Tim was at the house all evening while the movers finished loading our stuff.  It was a stressful and tiring day and I snapped at Tim when he dared to suggest that running in place might not count.
Friday, May 30: I finally used MapMyRun!  3.06 mile run around downtown, completed in 25:30, averaging 8:20 min/mile.  Just a leisurely run.
Saturday, May 31: I set out to run a fast mile at the park with MapMyRun, but I forgot my phone was on silent and I listened in vain for the voice to tell me I'd completed a mile (Where are you, Voice?  Did you foget about me?).  I ended up doing 1.33 miles in 9:18.  The mile was completed in 6:52.  Afterward I did 4 sets of 10 push-ups.
Sunday, June 1: MapMyRun malfunctioned and I do not know how far or how fast I went, but it was another leisurely run for a few miles around downtown.  Tim said MapMyRun has been doing that to him too, and he has to keep turning it back on.  I'm guessing around 3 miles at about an 8:30 pace.  Afterward I did a few sets of squats and lunges, and a few of my favorite stretches from Piyo.

Tim did not end up bringing his pull-up bar after all.  He's been getting up early to do his runs, and he's been doing his pull-ups at the gym.  I look forward to doing some runs together while we're in Florida.

As far as making good choices in the restaurants .. that's working well some of the time.  We had dinner at Five Guys the other night and all they have are burgers and fries, so what can you do?  At a couple of other places, I've chosen sweet potato fries over regular fries.  Does that count for anything?  Because when I'm starving -- and I am because we don't buy breakfast and lunch out, just eat the snacks in our room -- I can't pick veggies over fries.  I just can't.  But I know I should.


  1. You ran in place for 10 minutes in your hotel room? You totally win. Sure its probably not exactly the expectation but I say the effort makes it count.

  2. So inspiring! I have a lofty goal to get in really good shape (read: finally shed that baby flub) while Kev is gone as a little surprise.

  3. This is awseome! I follow another blogger who has kept up a running streak for over 500 days or something! Even while sick she churns out a mile.

    Imma give you 10 dietitian points for the beta-carotene in the sweet potato fries ;)