Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Advent so far

We typically decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving because that's when Tim has a break and can help me with it.  Otherwise, I would have definitely been on my own had it happened at any other point in the week.  It was a brutal week at work for Tim, and therefore extra grueling for me at home.  To make matters worse I had to keep Delaney home from school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for viral pinkeye (which she still has, but she NEEDS to go back to school on Monday).  There was a lot of extra arguing and "mama, mama" going on, with having all three kids home every day, except for the three hours of school for Annie on Friday.  We didn't get to go do any of the things we had planned that would have broken up our days, since I had to keep Delaney away from the other kids.    I thought the days would never end and I lost my patience many a time.  I started to feel like I was back in deployment mode, just getting by.  And have I mentioned that Timmy is at the peak of Terrible Twos right now?  He is a terror, and he's been needing extra firm discipline, the kind that dads are especially good at.  I don't realize how much easier my life is when Tim gets home in the evening until he doesn't.  This coming week, Tim tells me, will not be any better work-wise.  More 14 + hour days for him, as he gets his battalion ready for a big inspection coming up.  We need a vacation!

Oh, and then Saturday finally came and the weather went from sunny and 70 to rainy and 40 during just the four hours Tim spent at work that morning.  Womp-womp-womp.
I decided to put together this post and talk about all the fun things we do while we're getting ready for Christmas.  We still have all those, even if everything else doesn't go as planned.  I have only to look at these pictures to remind myself that life is good.  We are so blessed.
We have the most perfect REAL Christmas tree this year.  It looks fake because there's not a branch out of place.  
I don't know why I didn't come across the 'star is born' back when I was shopping for Delaney's first Christmas ornament.  Now she wants a star too, and I think I just might get her one even though she has two first Christmas ornaments already.
Our Advent calendar and our boring elf Chippy who never does anything clever and mischievous.  But the kids love him so!
Our random Santa in the canoe, which I probably picked out when we were trying to decorate the condo in Massachusetts (and just throwing anything in a cart).  I've tried to get rid of him in the past, but I wouldn't dream of it now.  The kids couldn't wait for that silly Santa in a canoe to come out.
Grandy got them this book a few years ago, and we read it every night at bedtime throughout December.
A Hallmark recordable storybook that Grandma, Auntie Karen and cousin Juliana took turns reading this year.  But then!  A surprise at the end when Grandpa says, "Hello, everybody, it's Grandpa!" and reads the last page.  It's really cute and a favorite at naptime.  Timmy thinks it's hilarious when everybody calls out "Merry Christmas!" at the end.  We'll be missing our Massachusetts family this year.
Watching The Elf on the Shelf movie before bed one night, and eating fruit snacks in lieu of popcorn
This has nothing to do with Advent or Christmas, but what better cure is there for a rainy Saturday and a hard week than fresh highlights and a haircut?