Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in Ohio Part 2

On Christmas Eve we went to Mass at 3:30.  Another thing I miss about Cincinnati is that there's a Mass starting every half hour somewhere.  So many options!  Where we live, we get three lousy choices every week and we have to make the best of it.  The church we went to was close enough to hit a rock with from my parents' house, and we left at a little after 3.  Even still we had a hard time finding parking, and we stood in the back.  But that was OK because we had left Timmy with Mom and Dad.

After that we collected Timmy and went to Scotty and Faith's house for the family Christmas Eve celebration.  Faith led the kids in a game of Christmas carol charades (which Delaney was very good at despite never having played charades before), we had a delicious turkey dinner, and exchanged presents.
At some point we rounded up all the kids, put them on the couch, and took a series of spectacularly awful pictures of them.  We had to do it.  It's not often we get all the cousins together.  Every photo was so bad that it was hard to decide which ones to use for this post.  I thought about making a collage, but then they would all be smaller and it would be harder to see some of the facial expressions.  So I had to narrow it down to the best (worst?) three.  Almostt all the kids age 4 and over were smiling.  That's something.
Left to right: A very ticked off Scotty III (3), Aspen (8), Delaney (6), Jaden (5 - until the 26th!), Annie (4), Damien (15 mos), Timmy III (2), Rosemary (9 mos), John Paul (2), Roman (7), Miles (7)
Dad fake crying at John Paul -- love it!
A few hours later, we put some very excited and tired kids to bed.  They all went to sleep downstairs with Tim, and I enjoyed a very quiet night of sleep in the girls' room alone.  The reason for this was, after a couple nights of sleeping in the same room with Timmy, I found out he is a very loud sleeper.  He sighs, he moans, he mumbles, he whimpers.  One morning at 5:30, he yodeled.  Another morning, he cried, "Daddy, don't eat my trucks!"  I needed a break and a decent night's sleep -- this was on the 23rd, I believe.  So I took Delaney's bed upstairs and she went downstairs and slept on the air mattress.  Annie was a quiet sleeper, as quiet as a mouse.  But I guess she thought she was missing out on some fun downstairs with her dad and brother and sister.  So, after final preparations for Christmas morning, I had the upstairs room all to myself and I enjoyed a very restful night of sleep unbroken by the many mouth noises of Timmy.
Delaney reading the last story in the Advent story book

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