Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You might be married to a Marine if..

.. your holiday and travel plans look like this:

 Orientation.  We are currently located in New Bern, NC.  We have the Neuse River and Atlantic Ocean to our east, and the Croatan National Forest to our west and south.  Massachusetts is approximately 800 miles to our north, northeast.  Interstate 95 is the major line of communication.

Situation. Each year, families gather to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Since Tim and Rachael have been together, Christmas has been celebrated by the B. Family in different locations.  Last year, Rachael and the kids celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in Massachusetts while Tim was on a ship.  This year our intent all along was to travel to see Tim's side of the family for Christmas, but then we got news that Tim was deploying in January.  We decided we'd stay here so that we could have a peaceful, travel-free holiday before his departure.  Tim's parents and sister discussed plans to come visit us, but didn't book flights.  Then after further discussion we decided that we had plenty of time to fit the trip in after all.  A few weeks after that Tim found out he'd be leaving early instead of mid - January, and again we broke the news that we would not be going anywhere for Christmas.  Then Tim learned he'd be leaving in middle January once again, but by that time it was too late for his family to make plans to visit us.  At this time they (with the exception of Tim's sister Karen) believe we are going to spend Christmas in an as-yet-undetermined vacation spot within a few hours of home.

Mission.  At 0430 on 19 December 2012, The B clan will pack into their Chevrolet Traverse in order to travel the 800 miles to celebrate the Christmas holidays in Massachusetts.
                Commander's Intent.
                                Purpose—To surprise Tim’s mother, reaffirm family cohesion during the holiday season, and give the kids a great childhood memory.
        Method—Traveling by vehicle and leveraging family for berthing.           
                                Endstate-- To enjoy the Christmas holiday with family and friends.
Concept of Operations.
                                a.  To leave bright and early on 19 December 2012 in a fully loaded Chevrolet Traverse, begin heading north and hope for the best.
                                b.  Tasks.
                                     1. Tim:  Ensure that vehicle is loaded with family's gear and gas tank is full no later than (NLT) 1800 on 18 December 2012.
                                     2. Rachael:
                                 a.  Ensure that each child has enough gear and clothes packed for 1 week NLT 18 December 2012.
                                 b.  Ensure that each child has at least (1) fancy outfit for midnight Mass (midnight Mass, I hope he's kidding) on 24 December.
                                 c.  Ensure that all Christmas presents are staged in the garage by 1800 on 18 December.
                                     3. Delaney:
                                             a. Ensure that your backpack has a few of your favorite toys and stuffed animals.
                                             b. Ensure that you are in bed at 1900 on 18 December 2012.
                                     4. Annalise:
                                             a. Ensure that your backpack has a few of your favorite toys and stuffed animals NLT 1800, 18 December 2012.
                                             b. Ensure that you are in bed at 1900 on 18 December 2012.
                                     5. Timothy:  Ensure that you are in bed at 1900 on 18 December 2012.

 Enemy.  Other drivers, especially in and around New Jersey, possible construction and heavy traffic as we drive through heavily populated areas along the east coast.  Empty stomachs and full bladders.  Liberal loonies that live in Massachusetts.

Admin and Logistics.
                1.  Admin.
         a.  All B. Family personnel will be in attendance and seated according to the seating chart.
         b.  Schedule of Events:
                          0400       Reveille
              0430       Depart New Bern
              1100       Washington D.C.
              1500       George Washington Bridge
              1900       Grafton, MA

                2.  Logistics—All equipment will be staged and ready to go by 1800 on 18 December 2012. 

Command and Signal.
                Tim is the Officer in Charge for this evolution, and will be located in the driver's seat of the vehicle.  The one truly in charge, Rachael, will be located in the front passenger seat and will take over driving when OIC wants to catch flies.
                We will use voice commands.

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