Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a wonderful Easter.  I would even say it was the best ever.

Tim's parents flew down and stayed with us from Saturday until this morning.  This was the first time they've seen Tim in about a year.  The girls were very excited to see them, and went with their daddy to the airport to get them.  Timmy has changed a lot since they saw him this past winter, crawling, climbing and babbling.  He was not afraid of them as I worried he might be, since separation anxiety and stranger anxiety are hallmarks of his stage of development.  But nobody told Timmy this.  He was happy to let them hold him and play with him even though he hadn't seen them since January.

We did lots of fun things while they were here.  We went out for dinner, a walk and ice cream downtown Saturday night.  Tim and I went running together by ourselves twice during their visit.  I am running a 5K in a few weeks, and it probably won't be my best ever, judging from my 8- to 9-minute miles, but that's alright.  We spent a lot of time outside with the kids -- walks, bike rides, blowing bubbles, and drawing on the driveway with chalk.  Every spring I forget why I don't like North Carolina.  The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and it's breezy and warm.

On Easter Sunday, we motivated ourselves to get to 8 a.m. Mass early enough to get a pew.  It's been a long time since I got to sit at Easter Mass, and it was nice.  The kids behaved, and I held an otherwise squirmy Timmy in the carrier, his fuzzy head right under my chin.  I watched him seek eye contact and smile at everyone around us.  I sat there and reflected on how blessed we are and how good our life is.

After Mass, we had a little Easter egg hunt at home.  Delaney and Annie played outside afterward and yelled, "Happy Easter!" to everyone who went by.  Their joy is infectious.  All holidays are more fun with these kids to share them with.  Later on, Tim made a delicious ham dinner.

We went to the circus in Havelock on Monday.  It was alright, but we all got kind of bored after awhile.  We left at intermission.  But the girls got to ride a pony and an elephant, and they were excited about that.  Too bad I didn't get any good pictures.

On Tuesday, we pretended it was Friday, and made our homemade pizza the new way we've been doing for the past month.  It's as close as it gets to a brick oven, and we are duly proud of ourselves.  Tim Sr and Carolyn seemed to like it too.  Afterward we sang 'happy birthday' to Carolyn -- her birthday is tomorrow.  We then served up my ugly but still tasty cake from a box.  I do not claim cake-baking as one of my skills.

Their visit was over far too quickly, as it always is.  We will see them again when they come in October.
Handmade Easter baskets filled with goodies
On the way to church, riding in the back-back of the Traverse.  I love Tim's hat.  He's my cute Irishman.
3 generations of Tim, together at last!
These girls LOVE their bubbles!

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