Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While we wait

My father-in-law Tim Sr arrived a week ago tomorrow, and this was cause for relief for me for many reasons.  For one thing, it meant no more solo trips to the commissary for me for several weeks.  It also meant that little Timmy now had the green light to make his appearance at any time, and everyone seems to expect that he will any minute.  I get a call from my husband every day now, and the first words out of his mouth are, "Have you had the baby yet?"  Today, when I recognized his number, I answered the phone with, "No!"  But I am enjoying the daily phone calls from him anyway.

Timmy doesn't seem to be in any hurry to come out, so fortunately, we've had many other things to keep us busy while we wait.  We've had the commissary, of course, dinners with friends, and Delaney's "summer camp" three mornings a week, to name a few things.

It was nice and cool  (high 80s instead of high 90s) out for a few days last week, and we went to the park one day.
Another day we went to my friend Aimee's neighborhood pool, and that was lots of fun until Delaney got stung by a bee.

Today after dinner we had another mini-celebration for Delaney's birthday.  I was a little worried that it wouldn't meet her expectations, or would pale in comparison to the little party we had in Florida, but it turned out I had nothing to worry about at all.  Delaney was delighted with every little thing -- the balloons that we attempted to stick to the wall but ended up all over the floor; the pretty plates that Grandpa got from the dollar store; and helping me frost and sprinkle her white cake with strawberry icing.  I forget how little it really takes to please this child, despite the long list of wants that she regales me with from the backseat of the car.
Next, we went out to the living room, where Delaney opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa.  Annie got to open the one present that was for both of them, a Hallmark recordable Disney Princess book read by Grandma.  It was very sweet, and they both love it.  Delaney got new Minnie Mouse underwear (great since she is outgrowing the first set I bought her); a set of bat, ball and glove; a Clifford book (we love Clifford!); and some drawing toy, I forget what.
Next it was time to unveil Daddy's present.  I couldn't wait to see how she would like it.  It was a brand new big girl bike!  Delaney took to it right away, no hesitation.  She hopped on and pedaled off down the driveway.  With Grandpa's coaching, she learned how to brake and how to steer, and by the end of an hour or so on the driveway, she was a pro.
Up until this moment, Annie had been fine with it being Delaney's birthday, and being "second banana."  That all changed with the appearance of that shiny new bike.  I told Annie that Daddy wanted her to have this nice new helmet to wear while riding her "new to you" tricycle.  She was not happy with that, not even a little bit.  She did put on the helmet, but she refused to have anything to do with Delaney's old tricycle, even though she had attempted to ride it many times before, and was now the perfect size for it.  She straddled Delaney's new bike and wouldn't budge, saying, "My bike," until Grandpa picked her up.  She cried and snarled her frustration, lunging at me in anger, the one who dared to insult her with her sister's old tricycle.  Delaney tried to console her with, "That is really a pretty new helmet, Annie." 
"I'll take the new helmet AND the new bike, thank you very much."
I sympathize with her, I really do.  Sometimes it's hard to be the little sister (though I wouldn't really know).  In the coming years, she will have more hand-me-downs than she ever wanted, and she'll see Timmy getting brand new things just because he's a boy.  Unfortunately for her, I don't see a good reason to buy two girly tricycles, two 14-inch little girl bikes, etc.  Maybe I could have disguised the old trike with a paint job and new streamers, maybe a bike horn and a reflector.  I don't know.  She'll get over it.  I hope.

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