Thursday, April 7, 2011

23 weeks and midwife appointment

Today's appointment with my midwife went well.  It was short and sweet this time, under an hour, since she had another client waiting.  Yes, it's true, most of my midwife appointments go at least an hour because we spend a lot of time talking about my health, my life, plans for the the birth, and anything else that comes up.  With the exception of a runny nose I've had ever since the day Tim left, I am in good health.  So far I'm holding it together mentally and emotionally too.  I haven't gone crazy yet, but there's still time.  Delaney told the midwife and her assistant about her busy day at school today, with pictures and Trike-a-thon.  I love how, with my midwife, the kids are welcomed and included.  That is definitely not the case with the OB office, where they frown upon you for bringing your kids to checkups.  That's probably because, when you're running a place like an assembly line, kids have a tendency of getting in the way and slowing things down.

Delaney opted to stay in the waiting room with the other client and her little boy, playing with toys, while we went to the back for my exam.  I tipped the scale at 127, so I've gained 6 pounds since my visit 5 weeks ago.  She felt Timmy's position in my belly, and he is mostly head down but slightly transverse.  His heartrate was 160.  She asked me if he was active and I said, "Oh, yes."  Annalise stood next to me and watched with her round blue eyes through everything.  She was curious about the blood pressure cuff, the tape measure, and the probing hands of the midwives on my belly.  I asked her if she was taking mental notes so she could do this.

My pregnancy is a lot more noticeable this month, especially with less need for a jacket now that the weather's warmer.  A few weeks ago, strangers began asking when I was due.  (I still can't believe how readily people do that.  I will not ask a woman that unless she is clearly in her third trimester.)  Today, one of the teachers at Delaney's school said to me, "If you're that big already, you're going to be really big by July."  Another pregnant woman might have gotten offended at that remark, but I know it's the truth.  I get huge, and fast.  She did follow up that comment with, "It's because you're so small anyway."  Nice save.:)

Giving the girls baths is one chore that is already becoming difficult, and that is not encouraging at all!  I am hoping they'll let me give them a shower one of these days, because then I wouldn't have to hunch down over the side of the tub anymore.  When I give them a shower, I'd better have a bathing suit on because that water will be all over the place.

These girls sure do wear me out.  I live for afternoon nap/quiet time and especially for their bedtime.  They are good girls, but they are little and they do require a lot.  I just have to try to remember to be patient with them, and know that I am never more than a few hours away from a naptime or a bedtime.
Here's my belly shot for the month.  I cropped my face out of it this time, because I never know what my face is supposed to look like in these pictures, and as a result it looks awkward.  But I do want the belly pictures so I can look back and remember.

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