Friday, October 8, 2010

Delaney at three and a quarter

Delaney's getting more and more observant all the time, and her memory has far surpassed mine in power.  Thank goodness for that.  She doesn't need to have Mama's swiss cheese memory to go through life with.  She tells me things like, "At our old house, we all slept upstairs."  "At our old house, the playroom was in the living room."  And she calls herself a "super finder", because she usually knows where things are.

She is also showing a nurturing side.  One day I went into her room after nap, and found all the little storage baskets had been taken out of her armoire.  Nestled inside the baskets were stuffed animals dressed in pajamas.  Delaney had been in there playing little mommy, and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.
Sometimes she's a little mischievous.  For example, she'll be chasing Annie around in circles, and then give her a little bump, causing Annie to lose her balance and fall down.  You'd think it was an accident, but then you see that little smile.  Sometimes it's frustrating having a little sister who wants to be into everything she's into.  Now and then she loses her temper when she has to give Annie a turn with a toy, and she'd rather not.  She starts crying and slapping at her.  When I stop her and tell her, "We don't hit," she quickly apologizes and calms down, but keeps crying for a few minutes.  Sharing is not easy.  Within a couple minutes, I'm containing a kicking and screaming Annie while Delaney has a turn.

On Thursday, after I'd brought her home from her second day at school, she said, "Annie missed me."  I said, "Yes, she did."  Then she gave her a hug and said, "I love you, Annie."  I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

She got the second haircut of her life this month.  I don't even think the first one counted; it was more of a formality, so I could get a few snips of hair in an envelope and call it a first haircut.  That was about a year ago.  This time she had a good three to four inches taken off, and now it's all nice and even at the bottom, and so much easier for me to work with.  Before, it was down to her lower back and getting pretty scraggly at the ends.
While he was visiting, Tim Sr brought up all the expressions she uses in conversation all the time: "Well, actually.." "How about..?"  And my favorite, "Does that sound like a deal?"  Her daddy uses that one a lot with her.  And then if we're telling her to do something she doesn't want to do (i.e., eat your dinner, then you can have a treat), she whimpers, "That's not a good deal."  It always makes me laugh when I hear her use a new grownup-sounding expression.
She started preschool on the 5th.  She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to noon.  She is thrilled to be going to school.  A few days before her first day, I gave her her backpack, and she and that backpack have been inseparable ever since.  I was worried she'd get cold feet on her actual first day, but she couldn't wait.  I left her in her classroom with a wave goodbye that she barely acknowledged because she was already off checking out the room.  When I came to pick her up, she told me she didn't want to go and started to cry.  Her teacher, Miss Melissa, offered her a Hello Kitty stuffed animal that she could borrow until Thursday.  That saved us from having to make a scene.  I thought kids were supposed to throw a fit when their parents leave them there the first day!

Later, when I asked her what she did at school, she said they'd had "circle time."  I asked her what you do at circle time.  "We just sit there," she said.  "Then I got up and my teacher said, 'You've got to sit back down so we can have circle time.'"  When I woke her up on Thursday (strangely, the only times she's slept in of late have been her two days of school) and told her it was time to get ready for school, the first thing she said was, "Circle time!"

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