Monday, October 4, 2010

Annie's room makeover

Finally, the Annie's room post.  First I had to wait on her vinyl decal to arrive, and then after that, I had to wait for a sunny afternoon for the best lighting to take the pictures.  I couldn't believe how long that took.  Finally, the sun broke through the clouds this evening, and we could take some pictures.  It was still a challenge, and they aren't the greatest photos, but they'll have to do. 

Once Delaney's room was done, our euphoria was short-lived.  Annie's was next, and we had no idea what to do with it.  We argued discussed, went to Lowe's, came back and talked some more.  I got so sick of talking about it that I started to not even care -- I just wanted it done!

We had made a half-hearted attempt at a nursery for her in Quantico, and bought a few things for her with a "Goodnight, Sleep Tight" motif.  Moon, stars, sheep, bunnies rubbing their eyes, all set against a twilight sky.  (I know, very cheesy, but this is the one time in their lives I get away with this.)  I wanted to keep those things, but I was no longer happy with the main colors of blue, yellow, and green.  It was as if we had picked them out while we were pregnant, and not knowing what they were having.  If we were to stick with those same colors for paint and everything, then we would have  a blah unisex nursery for our little girly-girl who is already trying on high heels and brushing her hair.  For awhile I was stumped and frustrated, thinking I either keep the whole theme with all the pieces we'd already acquired, or throw them out altogether in favor of something more feminine.

Then I had this great idea.  We have this book sitting on her hutch.  Ta-da! as Delaney says.
With this as our inspiration, we got to work picking paint colors for Annie's feminine lullaby-themed room.  This required several trips to Lowe's.  Tim would say to me, "Would you quit saying 'periwinkle'?"  He'd never heard of 'periwinkle', and when I showed it to him, he said, "It looks like blue to me."  We settled on a darker shade and a lighter shade.  I think once the colors were on the wall, they looked more purple than blue.  As you'll see in the pictures below, the room looks more blue or more purple depending on the lighting and the setting on the camera.  We almost decided the darker color would be the color right under the title of the book, and we found a good match.  I'm glad I decided against it, because it was too bold and too bright.

I was in favor of keeping it simple, with maybe three lighter colored walls and a darker accent wall; but Tim wanted to make sure he put has much sweat into her room as he had into Delaney's.  Otherwise, he would have felt guilty.  To assuage that guilt, he decided to paint the bottom half of the room one color, the top half the other, and put up a white chair rail.  What a difference that made!  I think his appreciation for chair rails first happened when he looked at our master bedroom here.  It is painted floor to ceiling "restless seas,"* which is a blue-gray that does look just like the ocean.  We love the color, but without the white chair rail in the middle, it would be really be too much.

Here is a 'before' picture:
This room was a spare room, I believe, so it's pretty dreary.  "Roasted garlic" was the wall color here.

And here are the after pictures.  I think we accomplished what we set out to do.  Mostly.
Tim showed me how to make the letters with Mod Podge, and I did them myself.  My big contribution!
Another vinyl decal found on Etsy.  "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.  Do you know how loved you are?"  Took its sweet time getting here, and in our haste to put it up, we stuck it on there a slightly crooked.  I wish I could have a do-over.
You can't tell, but the pink curtains are gingham, inspired by the gingham on the book cover.
I'm not completely happy with this last wall.  I agreed with Tim's idea to put up the shelves instead of just hanging up the wall art, in order to "break up" the pastel-ness of the whole thing.  However, something is bothering me here.  Not so much the gigantic wicker basket, supposedly to put toys in, but really just to take up empty space.  I don't know if I like it, but something has to go there, right?  Maybe the small pink "Prayer for a Little Girl" needs to move..?  

There was this whole other idea I had for this wall, and that was to take four or five pages out of Sleep, Baby, Sleep, and frame them and hang them there.  I love the pictures that are currently on the wall, but they're not working, for some reason.  I'd rather use what I have, and not go out buying new frames to hang up different things.  I'm stumped and open to suggestions.

*If you're wondering how I know that, it's because our landlords left us a "turnover binder" for the house.  Mr. Landlord is a Marine lieutenant colonel, and Marines like turnover binders.  The binder contains lots of helpful information, such as trash and recycling pickup days, important phone numbers, and manuals for the appliances.  I love this binder, and I find myself referring to it a lot.  What did we do as renters before we had something like this?  It also has a page of paint colors for every room, complete with paint cards.  I have noted the changes we've made so far in the binder, carefully taping our paint cards over theirs.:)

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