Monday, July 19, 2010

Annalise at fourteen months

The number one thing that stands out about this month is how much happier a month it has been for Annie (and therefore all of us) than last month.  Last month was a very moody month, with lots of crying and hugging on Lovey.  She got through her rough patch and now I have to say she has crossed a threshold into a new level of cuteness.  Now, instead of hearing whining, we hear shrieks and giggles as she toddles around chasing her big sis, or being chased.  She loves our adoring attention, and sometimes she'll say something that sounds like "hey."  When we look at her and respond, she grins really big and says it again.  "Hey."  I told Tim that when we went to Cincinnati, she was a big grump.  She came back from Cincinnati a changed baby.  Maybe all she needed was a change of scenery.  Let's hope that the change of scenery this week in Pennsylvania is good for her too.

She's gotten another new tooth, and that might also help explain her improvement in disposition.

Her appetite, which was down a little last month, is back in full force.  She gets frustrated with the small bits of food we give her at a time.  I've been getting a little braver about what I give her.  After my mom gave her a yogurt-covered raisin while we were visiting, and she did OK with that, I've been giving her raisins from time to time.  Tim is still very leery of giving her very much food.  He tosses her a crumb, and I'm like, "Oh come on, you've got to do better than that."  He worries a lot more about choking than I do.  When one of them is coughing, he says, "Are you OK?  Are you OK?"  I just say, "She's coughing, she's OK."  I'd love to just set a whole plate of food down in front of her, but I know she'd just shove it all in at once.  She has no self control.

She points almost constantly, at everyone and everything.  Tim says, "What are you pointing at?  Stop pointing."  I just say, "Oh, I love that cute little finger."  She points, she babbles, and I'm sure she has all kinds of things to say, if only I could understand.  A few more months, and I probably will.

She's getting smarter, and I don't know how much I like that.  Every afternoon after their naps, I give them both cups of milk.  As Delaney's been accustomed to getting a squirt of Hershey's syrup in hers, I give it to her.  But I am trying not to put the Hershey's in Annie's, thinking she won't know what she's missing, and she'll appreciate the milk by itself.  She does drink her milk, and she appears to like it.  But the second she sees Delaney's cup on the floor unattended, she grabs it up and drinks it.  She knows there's something better in Delaney's cup.  And now she's getting a taste for chocolate milk too.  Oh well.

She's still nursing, just right after she gets up in the morning, and right before going to bed at night.  I think she'll probably wean in the next month or two.

She is getting to be so playful.  She'll grab my hands so I'll play 'ring around the rosy.'  She tries to fall down right away.  When I sing 'itsy bitsy spider', she puts her fingers together to make a spider.  She pushes Delaney around on her tricycle.  She loves balloons.  Every morning when I take her downstairs and Delaney's birthday balloon is still hanging there, she points and tries to say the word.  "Boo."  She dances around in circles and laughs when Delaney and I sing the ABCs.  She plays more and more with her daddy too.  She stands at the door just as excited as Delaney is, when he gets home.  "We wore Mama out a long time ago, now it's Daddy's turn!"


  1. She is such a cutie! Glad she got a new perspective on life while visiting us...she didn't realize how good she had it. Haha. Miles choking is a huge fear of mine...still! He shoves everything in sooo fast. A couple of days ago he tried to swallow a piece of bacon whole, Robert and I both almost had heart attacks.
    Miss you all!

  2. That crazy kid! I miss you guys too.:)