Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

We put Delaney down for her nap at 1, hoping she'd go to sleep at some point soon after, because we planned to have her up by 3, so we could leave the house by 3:30. She was wearing a bodysuit and a diaper when Tim left her. For almost two hours we listened to her talking, jumping around, and doing everything else but sleep. Tim went upstairs at about 2:45 for a shower, and he could hear her still carrying on. At 2:55, he entered her room, planning on just getting her out of bed and ready for the rest of the day. And this is how he found her.

With only five minutes left of her allotted nap time, our little girl had finally made herself comfortable and was fast asleep. Little booger.
That's why we put her to bed in a bodysuit that snaps -- to prevent her from removing her diaper. But this bodysuit was too stretched out, I guess, and can no longer serve this purpose. Lucky for us, this time she didn't soil the bed.
For anyone wondering, the bruise-like thing on her right shoulder blade and part of her shoulder is a hemangioma.