Friday, September 11, 2009

At last!

Our long-anticipated caterpillars have arrived. Delaney has known they were coming for a couple weeks now. Tim's cousin Sindi sent them. They were the party favors for Autumn and Amber's birthday party that we missed. (Thank you Sindi, Autumn and Amber.) I expected they would come by mail, and every time I stopped at the mailbox, Delaney would ask about the caterpillars. I would say, "Not yet, maybe tomorrow." Meanwhile, I gave her pictures of butterflies to color, and a diagram of the butterfly life cycle. I tried to explain it in terms a two-year-old can understand. I don't know if she can understand, but she sure seems to be thinking about it pretty hard.

The caterpillars will stay in the jar, and grow, eating only the special food in the jar. Then they will form chrysalides near the top of the jar, at which time we'll transfer them to the included butterfly pavilion. Then they will hatch, and we'll look at them for a couple days, then set them free. The directions said we should expect to see butterflies in about three weeks.

They arrived by FedEx, and when I told her, "The caterpillars are here!" she came running, and sat down at the kitchen table. "Mama, scissors!" "Mama, open the box!"

I don't know if they were quite what she expected to see, but they were a bright spot in an otherwise difficult morning.

Delaney tries to open the jar. What's the point of caterpillars that I can't smush in my little fingers? she wonders.

Now here's something I can smush in my fingers!

I promised that the packing stuff and the box will still be around for her to play with after her nap.

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