Monday, September 7, 2009


Delaney has been cracking us up so much lately. Here are a few examples of the things she says and does:

She tells her daddy, when he's sitting on the couch to "Go to sleep. Close your eyes, da-da. Lay down." That's usually just what he wants to do anyway.

She takes care of her little dragon, carrying him around, sitting him in a chair, changing, nursing (hilarious!) and burping him. When he falls, she kisses his boo-boo. Then she says, "Time for nap," and carries him upstairs.

She tells Annalise, "No fussing, baby. No crying. No fussing. Go to sleep, baby." [She definitely got that from me. One time, when Annie was fussing, I said, "Tell her, Delaney, 'No fussing.'"]

Tonight at dinner, we scolded Delaney for pulling her foot up and rubbing her nose with her toes. I said, "This is appalling. Where does she get this? It's like she ate dinner with gorillas the other night." But I had to turn away to hide my amusement.

She can count to 12, but skips 1 every time, even though I keep reminding her, "We start at 1."

I have no idea where she picked this up, but a couple weeks ago she started saying, "Happy day." She sings out, "Happy day.. Da-Da! Happy day.. Mama! Happy day.. baby! Happy day.. Delaney! (Her name comes out as "Dyaney.")

Before going to bed, as I'm holding her and right before I close the blinds and the room-darkening shade, we say goodnight to the trees, houses and sunny blue sky (yes, Delaney goes to bed at 7 still). This has been our ritual for well over a year. Now, in addition to all that, she says, "N-night, Da-da's big white truck. N-night, Mama's Jeep." Tim says he got her to do that once or twice while he was putting her to bed.

Her favorite DVD right now is 'Dora saves the Snow Princess' or something to that effect. It hasn't even been taken out of the DVD player for several weeks. It's like her morning cup of coffee, the very first thing she asks for. "Mama, Dora Princess! Watch Dora Princess!" If I want to enjoy my coffee, I must turn on that movie first. Then she plops down on her Elmo couch and watches adoringly as Dora and Boots go on their adventures. But she hasn't started speaking any Spanish yet.

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