Sunday, August 6, 2017

MA Visit Part 2: excursions, pool days, and finally a good haircut for Joey

I didn't think I'd be back here so soon, but I'm in no hurry to go upstairs and start trying to go to sleep. Tomorrow's the first step of our journey -- we drive one hour to Boston to spend the night. It will be an easy day; the important thing is that we don't forget anything when we leave Tim's parents'! I know everything's replaceable, but it stinks to have to buy things we already have, the way we've been spending money lately.

We went to Kathy and Brett's for the afternoon, and celebrated Sofia's 13th birthday. 13, holy cow! I remember the first time Tim took me to their house for dinner, and this tiny girl who reminded me of Boo from Monsters, Inc. wanted to show us her room. I remember being amazed that someone that itty-bitty could walk up the stairs. The time sure flies.
Delaney learned how to dive. Annie's really close, but not quite there. I never did learn how myself, so they are way ahead of me.
Joey slipped face-first into the water while fooling around on the steps. Sam grabbed him right away and I told him, "You have to like Auntie Sam now since she just rescued you." He was still scared of her for some reason and it was kind of funny.
One morning I came downstairs after sleeping in a couple extra hours, and Joey came running to me as always. "Mama!" It was a minute or two before I said, "Wait a minute, you look different. You got a haircut!" It was about time; it had grown out so long. Isn't he so handsome? He's come a long way from Dumb and Dumber. The barber Tim took him to did such a great job, and I wish we could just take him there every time he needs a haircut (until he starts getting buzzed like Timmy). In my experience, it is really hit or miss who knows how to give a little boy a good haircut. And since my kids have not the slightest curl or wave to their hair, you can see literally every place the scissors have been and there can be no error. I definitely should not be trying it at home. I have learned my lesson. Although we both agreed the barber left some pieces a little too long in the front, so this morning I gave him a donut and tried to snip-snip the front pieces just a bit. I didn't ruin him!
We hiked Purgatory Chasm on one of our hotter days here. The kids started out excited, but got tired and lost their enthusiasm pretty quickly. I made fun of them for that, but then realized that they were choosing the more difficult ways to go while I was sticking to the spray painted path.
We forced them to pose for a couple more group photos after this one, which was kind of mean. Look at the way Timmy is lying face-down on that rock. But we made up for it afterward.
The next day while hanging around here, I grabbed my camera because of how much I loved seeing Annie share an ice cream cone with Joey. He kept saying, "Bite," and she'd give him more. We've been eating a lot of ice cream.
Friday was a 'make your own pizza' day.
We went kayaking and paddleboarding, and that was a lot of fun. Timmy and I shared one of the kayaks that Kathy brought. It was meant for one person but since Timmy's small, we both fit with no problem. We were kind of pressed for time with getting to all the islands we wanted to, and making sure everyone got enough time to paddle and to swim. But Timmy kept asking to paddle and I let him because I knew he wouldn't be happy until he'd completely worn himself out. He did a great job, even with how hard it must have been having my weight in the back. He really would like his own kayak next time, and I told him we'll see. He would have also liked to paddle board, but the rules at the park were you had to be 8.
At one of the islands I let him take the kayak for a spin by himself.
On Saturday we went to Mass with Tim's parents and then out to eat. On the way back we saw this beautiful rainbow, which I could not stop taking pictures of. 
♫Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection..♫😁
Not pictured: Tim and I going running together every other day before lunch, and me not dying even though it was the middle of the day and there were hills. Actual hills! We'd walk for a while afterward  and talk too, and that was something I looked forward to. I don't know when we'll get another chance. We also went went out many times by ourselves, and although it was only to do mundane things like shop or get his new military I.D., it was nonetheless fun and felt like such freedom. Having family as babysitters -- there's nothing like it.

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