Saturday, August 5, 2017

MA Visit Part 1: first couple days and Timmy's birthday party

I've been wanting to update for awhile, but I find myself at a loss for words. Things have been good, great even. I am so overwhelmed though, and our adventure of getting to Okinawa hasn't even begun yet. All the turmoil is in my head. I have a hard time getting to sleep and when I do sleep, I have weird, disturbing dreams about lines of people, lost baggage and things that don't make sense. In addition to that we wait yet again with bated breath for the Marine Corps to kindly release some information that affects our future in a huge way. I think I've been there a few times by now, but it does not get easier. No, it does not.

Meanwhile, we've been having a wonderful time as we spend our last few days in the U.S. at Tim's parents' house in Massachusetts and visiting with family. The kids have been here since the first week of July while Tim and I kept Joey with us in SC and wrapped up the move out of our house. Tim, Joey and I got here on July 27 in time for Timmy's 6th birthday festivities, and it's been a really nice time that I want to document. I've been taking a ton of photos (which have been crippling my laptop btw, since I got my dslr -- another reason it's gotten harder to blog!)
It is a special kind of joy to watch my kids roll around in the grass and not worry about what might bite or sting them. This picture was taken the day after we arrived. Joe was so happy to see his sissies and bubba again!
Timmy was doing his math workbook -- probably in order to earn more time on a device.🙈
Karen threw a fun little party for Timmy's birthday, with dancing in the backyard (with a disco ball!), s'mores making and night swimming. She outdid herself as the most fun auntie.
And if all that wasn't enough, the dance party ended with a bunch of us with our arms around each other, swaying to "The Rainbow Connection." I dare you to tell me something cheesier than that happened at your last family gathering. After that there was night swimming for those who wished to participate. Night swimming with all your clothes on was an option, and the little girls had to do that because how many times do you get to go swimming at night with all your clothes on?

It turns out I have so many photos from this one day that I'll have to make this a multi-part post. Until next time!

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