Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Annie's First Communion

I've got a lot of catching up to do here. Lots of good things have happened this month.

Tim's parents came down one last time for a visit Mother's Day weekend for Annie's First Communion. It is always so nice to spend time with them, and I'm glad we had mostly good weather to do fun things.

I love this picture Tim Sr took of Joey while washing the rental car. Not sure why he wanted to wash the rental car..? Joey sure had fun though!
Delaney found a little lizard and was tormenting Grandma with it. Why wouldn't anyone want a lizard at the dinner table?
I hate asking strangers to take our pictures, especially when it's with my big clunky camera, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity since this would be the last time we all went downtown together. I watched and waited and finally chose another mom I'd noticed sitting on the rock wall where we were all kind of congregating. She apologetically said no because she had four kids she was keeping an eye on, and I felt so bad for asking. I was going to give up and go home but then she got someone else to watch the kids while she snapped a few pictures. I was grateful but still felt so awkward. Maybe I'll get a little tripod that folds up small one of these days, and use it with the timer so I don't have to harass anyone. 
Sunday morning was Annie's First Communion. Getting ready in the morning, I hit an unexpected snag in my plans when Annie first asked while I was curling her hair, "What's a veil?" When I told her, she said, "I don't want to wear that." I'm gonna go ahead and post this picture taken by Tim(?) that illustrates perfectly what Annie thought about that veil.
I was all, "But your sister wore it." "But it's so beautiful." "But that's what girls do on their First Communion, they wear veils." But! But! Tim and I had a whispered exchange after her hair was done and I'd cut her loose for the time being. He said, "I'll work on her," but something to the effect of 'let's not pick this battle, it's not that big of a deal.' I backed down. It wasn't as if the veil was made from my wedding dress or anything special. Besides, the veil was not what this day was about.

In the end I took the veil with us when we went to the chapel because Annie said she'd wear it if the other two girls in our little Catholic community on base were wearing them. I also thought maybe I could convince her to put it on for at least a couple pictures. When we walked into the chapel I was crestfallen to see that neither of the two other girls receiving First Communion had veils. What kind of conspiracy was this? But I got over it because they all looked beautiful anyway. I got some pictures of Annie without the veil, with the veil, and I accepted that she was just more comfortable without it.
To my surprise, I think I like the pictures of her without the veil better. At least I had learned my lesson from Delaney's First Communion, that I should set it back farther back on her head so it's not hiding her face. 

We had some cake in the rear of the chapel afterward, and then had a laid-back rest of the day and burgers and hot dogs for dinner. We celebrated Annie's birthday with leftover First Communion cake and candles. They left in the morning after the kids got on the bus, but we'll be seeing them again in July when Tim flies up with the Big 3 and leaves them there for a few weeks while we finish up moving, and then in August when we're all up there for a few days.

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